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SCOTT DREYER: 7-7: Irrelevant Proselytizing? Or Honest Truth?

Many folks have a renewed interest in George Orwell’s dystopian novel “1984,” where the people of England live under the all-seeing dictator “Big Brother.” The main character, Winston Smith, notices that all the news and history books claim that life used to be horrible; however, now under the leadership of “Big Brother,” all is rosy.

Yet, Winson has a hard time believing that because everyone he knows is living in fear, buildings are run-down, electricity is spotty, and basic necessities like razor blades and coffee are almost non-existent. So, Winston keeps looking for older people who remember life before “the Revolution” to see what earlier life truly was like, so he could compare it to his time. Sadly, despite his best efforts, Winston was never able to find such an elderly person to talk to so he was never able to compare for himself.

Winston and “1984” come to mind as I think about my friend Mrs. Isabel Kase who lives in Roanoke County but grew up in Philadelphia. She has been a friend of the family for almost 20 years, and I still remember a conversation with her in 2007. She was alarmed by many toxic trends she was observing in our culture. Knowing that mere worry is not helpful, she looked for a productive step to take and in February of that year she submitted an opinion piece to the Roanoke Times. I still remember her consternation: she told me the newspaper had rejected her essay. When I asked her if they had given her any reason, she replied, “Yes, they say it’s proselytizing.”

My response to her: The Roanoke Times proselytizes every day by the stories they choose to print and the slant they use to cover them.

Here is one definition of “proselytize” from “to recruit someone to join one’s party, institution, or cause.”

In my opinion, the Roanoke Times not printing Kase’s essay:

  1. was viewpoint discrimination against her,

  2. kept their readers from learning a “primary source” from the World War II era, and

  3. was proselytizing because they silenced her but over the years have given full-throated coverage to many other voices that matched their political agenda.

Now, more than 13 years later and thanks to the Roanoke Star, Kase’s story is unsealed and you can read it for yourself:

People wonder why so much evil has invaded our public schools. There’s drugs and alcohol, suicides, premarital sex, guns, gangs, etc. I attended public school in the 40’s and early 50’s.  We had no pornography, gender confusion or sexually transmitted diseases, and abortions were illegal. We were happy, well-adjusted kids who loved life. We had no weight problems, eating disorders or “bad hair days.” Morals were important and we knew right from wrong. We were satisfied with ourselves and we loved God, others and our Country. Children were safe in their neighborhoods and on the playgrounds. We were patriotic. I was in grammar school during World War II and I can remember all six grades gathered together every week to sing the Navy, Army and Marine Corps songs. We were behind our troops 100%.   Every day we prayed in Jesus’ name and read from the Bible in our public school. Our country was united. Political correctness was non-existent. Flag burning would not have been tolerated.

When our Lord was evicted from the public schools, evil was allowed to enter and this is the source of most of our problems. It is so clear to me, but of course, I have the advantage of being able to compare those days with these and there is no comparison.  I’m sure that anyone in my age bracket  knows what I’m talking about. They can see it, too. We won’t always be here to share with you how easy, safe and good life was then. It wasn’t necessary to lock our homes or cars. People were trustworthy. I can’t help but wonder what it is going to take for our great Country to wake up and realize that we have traveled down  the wrong road much too far and need to turn back to our Creator.

Our nation was founded on Christian principles and was a Christian nation. Over the years Christian persecution has been steadily increasing. There is an effort underway to rid our Nation of its Christian heritage. History books are being re-written; crosses are under attack as well as the Ten Commandments and prayer. Most of the Presidents of our Universities used to be Clergymen. Men of God were respected and looked upon favorably unlike the world we live in today. Our pastors are being muzzled by the IRS and they are losing their freedom to share God’s word on “politically incorrect” subjects. All religions are tolerated today except Christianity. Even one of our two most sacred holidays is being tampered with. Christmas vacation from school is now called “Winter vacation.” Our Christmas tree is now being referred to as a “Holiday tree.’ What next?

I heard that two men have been put in jail for giving out Bibles on a public sidewalk in Florida. God’s Word is our Instruction Book and if we follow the instructions from our Maker, we will have the abundant life that He has planned for us. I love America and I grieve for what we have lost and what we have become. We continue to spiral downward. When we hit bottom, there’s nowhere to look, but up. Only then, will we realize where our answer lies.

Irrelevant proselytizing?

Or the honest truth?

You tell me.

Scott Dreyer in his classroom.

– Scott Dreyer

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