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STUART REVERCOMB: The Great 2020 Personality Contest

There really is no question who should win the big contest next week. It seems pretty clear the Dems could run just about anyone they wanted and Donald J. Trump would be relegated to the trash-bin of exceedingly effective Presidents who nonetheless had very poor tastes in sink faucets and often possessed a hard-hitting if not sardonic demeanor.

If the above is true our next President will be a once seemingly washed up Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. who, next to the likes of Bernie Sanders, Beto O’Rourke and Kamala Harris (now somehow Joe’s VP), looked pretty darn good if not possibly presidential at times. Even if he didn’t always know what state he was in or who he was actually running against.

And that’s not particularly funny because it is in fact, true.

Now the easy thing to do in opposing the idea that Joe should somehow win, would be to run a litany of his shanks, gaffes and mis-speaks that are certainly worrisome as an indicator of our future President’s mental state. But frankly, who’s counting, as presently we have a guy whose personality can be extremely grating – who is known to throw barbs, jabs, insults and insinuations like the ornery ex-New York real estate tycoon he is.

The horror.

Remember, the only real consideration here is that HE … JUST …  HAS … TO … GO.

Whatever happens after that, well . . . happens.

Kind of like being advised that you need to pass the bill so you can find out what’s in it.

Or defunding the police so you can have more order and legal justice.

Or acting as though nominating a judge that has a majority support of the U.S. Senate is somehow not in keeping with the Constitution.

Or tearing down the statues of those who gave their lives freeing American slaves that there might be equal justice under the law because you want to bring attention to the importance of the freeing of American slaves that there might be equal justice under the law.

Suffice to say there are lots of ways to live in la-la land. But electing someone who’s policies you mostly agree with but who you don’t like so much personally is decidedly not one of them.

If, since the office was created, the very real personal lives of some of America’s greatest President’s could have been continually projected on a screen in the homes of voting Americans, odds are there wouldn’t be single one of the following portraits presently hanging at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

John Quincy Adams, William McKinley, Ulysses S. Grant, Theodore Roosevelt, Warren G. Harding, Andrew Jackson, Dwight D. Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy to name a few. President and Constitutional Architect Thomas Jefferson himself clearly played it pretty loose when it came to skirting basic social morals. And why vote for George Washington who didn’t even want the position? The schmoozing and savvy Benedict Arnold was clearly a nicer guy . . .

Oh yeah, he was already back on the continent having his bacon with the King at that point.

So forget the personality contest and vote your policy agreement.

Whatever that happens to be.

Stuart Revercomb

– Stuart Revercomb

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