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COMMENTARY: Charges Against Allergy and Asthma Associates More of An Accounting Issue

I think it is a crime itself to charge Christina Abraham for this petty so-called “crime.”  Dr. Abraham is the most kind and personable doctor that I have ever had.  To me the charges made against them represent an accounting problem not an out and out “crime.”

Additionally, does the Department of Health and Human Services not have anything better to do than to pick on a wonderful female doctor in Roanoke City?  Maybe they should try helping children and elderly people that are abused every day and nothing is ever done about it.

COVID-19 is a big problem:  As a citizen in Roanoke, try calling the Health department to get help.  They do not answer the phone.  They have us sign up on their phony survey list and registration list that apparently gets conveniently lost in their “File 13.”  The Health Department needs to do some real work to help the citizens.

Picking an innocent person like Dr. Abraham does not restore my faith in this part of our government but rather drives home the reality that money is still their main focus and not the people.

– Joann Bailey / Roanoke VA

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