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Major Benefits of Online Nursing Education

Online learning is the new normal after the COVID-19 pandemic, and it is now pretty standard for students to take classes online in the comfort of their homes. The online experience keeps improving – increasing the value of online degrees. While there may be a lack of face-to-face social opportunities, some universities go the extra mile and offer in-person networking opportunities to help their students build relationships.

Now, even programs as advanced as nursing are available online. Online nursing education is accessible, flexible, and cost-effective with affordable programs like Marymount University’s accelerated nursing programs. If you are considering pursuing one, here are some top benefits of proceeding with this choice:

1.    Improved Interaction

Interacting with fellow students is essential for students to grow academically and improve their interpersonal skills. Students need to learn from each other in an occupation like nursing that thrives on communication and dealing with patients.

A common misconception about online education is that it reduces the scope of e daily live interactions. However, online classes offer many more opportunities for collaborative learning and interaction than traditional classrooms. This includes online group study sessions, an online student discussion portal, and connecting with peers during interactive online courses. Online degrees also offer numerous seminars, which further improve student interaction and promote engagement.

2.    Time And Location Flexibility

A significant advantage of pursuing any degree online is the flexibility in choosing a schedule. The online course allows students to complete lectures and assignments at their own pace and from any location. This particularly benefits nursing students who want hands-on practical training alongside studies at a local hospital or clinic. They can also work part-time, volunteer, or do odd jobs alongside their online nursing program to support their studies and lifestyle. Most online courses are well-accepted across the healthcare industry, and online nursing students can easily opt for positions like nursing assistants at any local clinic.

3.    Cost-Effective

Pursuing your nursing education online is an affordable way of pursuing higher education. Students enrolled in an online course can save up on the expensive cost of dorms, operational fees, course materials, and transportation costs required to commute to and from the university. According to National Center for Education Statistics, these supporting costs increased by a good 31% between 2007 and 2017. They’re likely at their all-time high currently. Opting for an online nursing program mitigates these costs and makes education more affordable and accessible. It reduces the financial burden, as well as hefty student debt.

4.    Support Resources

Online nursing programs provide access to more support resources for their students than any traditional nursing school. This includes access to research libraries, medical resources, recorded lectures, access to professors through an online portal, and counseling. Online nursing students can easily connect with their writing advisors to do the best research work at their own pace, which can help them advance their careers. In contrast, access to professors and research libraries is limited to work hours at traditional universities.


Online nursing programs have incredible benefits like low student-to-faculty ratio, affordability, and flexibility in choosing your schedule. This helps students save on avoidable operational and transportation costs and enables nursing students to get practical training while enrolled in their bachelor’s program. Online nursing course from a reputable university also helps nursing students network with alums and working professionals in healthcare, which can help them in recommendations and job opportunities across numerous healthcare settings. These connections are valuable for getting your foot in the industry and gaining practical experience.

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