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Open Letter To Salem Mayor Turk: Stop Urban Sprawl / Uncontrolled Development

Hon. Salem Mayor Renée Turk:

I’m sending you a big check for my taxes this month…car and real estate. I expect you and Council to vote and deliver leadership from which the People of Salem will benefit.

You’ve recently heard my position on surveillance camera expenditures. These are wrong for Salem; they will not reduce crime. Real-time officers present in our community and on traffic stops prevent that.

Many private business owners already have cameras. Don’t spend our tax money on such a controversial platform without feedback from your constituents.  You don’t even have a “use policy” in place! This entire proposal is reckless and will lead to abuse. You know it’s controversial on many levels; that’s why you kept it behind closed doors. I’m grateful to Vice Mayor Jim Wallace for the disclosure. At least one member practices  transparency.

Additionally, vote NO to the Hope Tree development project.  For months we have ALL heard the majority of Salem speak against this proposal for many reasons.  My health practitioner told me today they are horrified that council would consider such a behemoth development in this historic area.

Her family lives on Red Lane and their driveways are dangerous to enter and exit now with the current amount and speed of traffic.

Tragically, her family pet was hit and killed in front of their small children by a speeding driver recently in front of their house.

People will remember the residuals of your term in office; is this what you wish to leave as your legacy?  This is an election year; I understand you are the swing vote on many issues to which the citizens have raised concerns.

Vote wisely–the people of Salem have spoken and are holding you accountable.

Diane Ribble /Salem

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