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Cardiology Associates Announces Plans To Join Carilion Clinic

Cardiology Associates of Virginia (CAV), a nationally accredited cardiology practice with four board-certified physicians, has announced plans to join Carilion Clinic Cardiology.

“This is part of the natural evolution of our close working relationship with Carilion Clinic and our colleagues in the cardiology practice,” , said CAV Cardiologist Jack Slowikowski, M.D. “As part of a larger practice we will have more opportunities to further develop our expertise in new and advanced techniques and engage in research that will ultimately benefit our patients.”

According to Slowikowski, maintaining a consstent on-call schedule with four physicians can limit opportunities to seek advanced training and develop the latest techniques. Being part of a larger group allows individual physicians to seek training in new techniques and treatments, making them available to patients in the Roanoke Region. The group’s four cardiologists are already located on the Carilion Clinic campus, and will continue to see patients at their offices at 2001 Crystal Spring Avenue.

“We look forward to welcoming these excellent physicians into our group,” said David Sane, M.D., section chief of Carilion Clinic Cardiology.  “A strong, diverse cardiology practice is important for our patients and the future of the Carilion Clinic Cardiology.”

Sane says the CAV cardiologists will also participate in training new physicians as part of Carilion’s cardiovascular fellowship program, which began this summer.

“Currently there is a nationwide shortage of cardiologists ,” Sane says. “A large practice, with opportunities to engage in training, research and education, will help us ensure that we have enough doctors to meet our patient’s needs.”

CAV will officially become part of Carilion Clinic Cardiology on October 1, 2011.

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