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Lynchburg Company Represents Virginia at White House “Made In America” Event

John Glover (L) and Tom Capps of Capps Shoe Company, Inc.

The White House recently hosted a Made in America Showcase where products produced in each state were highlighted and Capps Shoe Company, Inc., headquartered in Lynchburg, represented Virginia. Their shoes, as well as the components used to make the shoes, are Made in America. Capps manufactures a variety of lines of shoes, including uniform footwear for every branch of the United States military.

“The ‘Made in America’ label is one to be worn with pride,” said Congressman Bob Goodlatte. “It’s an acknowledgement of the ingenuity of American businesses and the hard work of the thousands of men and women who make these products in communities across the country. I’m pleased to have Capps represent Virginia and highlight the quality, American-made goods being manufactured in our state. Congress and the White House must continue to work together to advance policies, like the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, that will empower small businesses to innovate and expand, setting off a domino effect of economic growth, prosperity, and job creation.”

“Capps Shoe Company was very honored to be selected as the representative to the Made in America Showcase at the White House from the State of Virginia,” said Tom Capps, owner of Capps Shoe Company, Inc. “Our Company takes great pride in manufacturing footwear for the men and women who serve in our armed forces. In addition, we fully support and appreciate President Trump’s favorable policies towards small business, including the removal of cumbersome regulations, as well as the tax cuts and incentives that have enabled us to make a substantial investment this year in new equipment. We look forward to expanding our business and adding jobs associated with that expansion.”


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