STUART REVERCOMB: We Will Greatly Miss The Indefatigable Dick Baynton

Dick Baynton


Three days after sending the note that follows (March 17 – his last communication with us) Dick passed away while awaiting the possible surgery he mentions below. Per previous communications it is my deep sense he well knew that he wouldn’t make it to such a procedure but as always wanted to instill confidence in others and a “lack of any need to worry about him.”

Such was the life of Dick Baynton – a life where others always came first, along with a sense of joy and fun and seemingly boundless energy – all the way to the point when health issues encroached more heavily upon him just a few short months ago.

Dick was indeed “INDEFATIGABLE” per the common definition of “persisting tirelessly” in which he also displayed a Christ like quality of “relentless obedience”- to what he believed was right and real and GOOD in the fullest sense of the word – encompassing a profound desire to do one’s very best to know and accomplish the will of God.

More often than not his writings were political and unabashedly conservative in nature but he believed strongly in our democratic republic and respected everyone’s right to make their case in the public square. Whether they agreed with him or not on issues, readers always knew that Dick had done his research and that he spoke from a lifetime of real-world experience that was as broad as it was deep. Dick was rarely if ever “outflanked” when it came to the data and the details.

Between his work and that of liberally oriented contributors he helped this newspaper provide a range of perspective that has perhaps allowed for many to have at least some sense of what might best represent a realistic / workable middle ground, and he was always quietly respectful and supportive of that.

Family, friends, work, civic responsibility, teaching – and in some sense preaching both A good word and THE Good Word – Dick Baynton devoted himself fully to all.

May God Bless and Keep You Good and Faithful Servant.

– Stuart Revercomb – Publisher

To My Readers Since May of 2012!

Yes, I have been writing columns for The Roanoke Star in print and online for almost eight years. However, there is no column this week and I’m not sure of the future of my column that has been such a pleasure for me to write.

To be specific, I have serious heart disease based on pumping performance that has suddenly declined from better than 50% to less than 25%. That decline in heart function has brought down my mobility from taking walks to needing a wheelchair. Complicating factors include kidney disease and several other pesky problems that pop up frequently.

A fairly new method of inserting a valve appears to be an appropriate option that surgeons believe can be performed within the next couple of weeks. I shall try to keep you posted of any progress as it comes.

Your readership and support all of these years have meant a great deal to me – as will your prayers at this time.

Blessings to All,