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General Assembly Report Card Released by the Family Foundation Action

How many of us really know how our Virginia representatives vote on the issues?

The Family Foundation Action (FFA) recently released the 10th edition of its non-partisan “General Assembly Report Card.”  The educational document, released at a capitol press conference, informs citizens on key votes taken by the General Assembly during the 2008 and 2009 sessions.

The mission of the FFA is “to protect families and promote responsible citizenship by giving Virginians the tools they need to hold their elected officials accountable.” Non-partisan and broad-based, the “Report Card” seeks to arm voting Virginians with the information needed to make informed choices when going to the ballot box.

This report exposes the voting records of all Virginia House and Senate members, on issues that are important to the family.  This fall, all 100 members of the House of Delegates are up for re-election, as well as the offices of Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General.

The FFA distributed 50,000 copies of the latest edition, not including those that were downloaded from the FAA website.

According to the FAA, most Roanoke-area representatives “fared well.”   Senator Ralph Smith scored 100%, and in the House, perfect scores were attained by several delegates, including Morgan Griffith, William Fralin, Ben Cline, Charles Poindexter and Lacey Putney.

Democrat Majority Leader Ward Armstrong also scored well on the “Report Card,” indicating the broad bi-partisan support of a pro-family agenda in Virginia.

Delegate Onzlee Ware came in with a relatively low score of 20, and Senator Edwards scored an 11, which puts him in “last place” within the entire Virginia Senate.

Average scores, over time, have varied somewhat by party and by House vs. Senate.  For example, the Virginia Senate had an average score of 54 in 2009, while their collective 2003 score was 61.  This indicates that our Virginia Senators, as a whole, are tending to vote less often with the pro-family side on certain issues.

Virginia House and Senate contact information can be found by visiting

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