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Letter – Mumpower Will Hold Power Companies Accountable

Dear Editor,

It seems our power bills continue to escalate at an alarming rate.  We need our representatives to understand this is a major problem for Virginians.

Ginger Mumpower understands power bills are skyrocketing.  She knows many residents of the 8th District can’t continue to meet the rate hikes.  Ginger will put people before corporate profits.

Why has Habeeb remained silent on this very important issue?  It appears Habeeb is more concerned about the power companies than the people he will represent.  This is not surprising, since Habeeb is a corporate lawyer, and has spent much of his career representing corporations against the people.

The power companies and corporations have enough representation.  Why would we vote for Habeeb and give the power companies more lawyers to fight to raise rates?  I will be voting for the people, and Ginger Mumpower.

– Chris Martin, Roanoke

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  1. Overly simplistic and rather stupid, actually. We want a liberal solution to healthcare, AND a variety of other “problems” as well. I think the libs need to get on this one fast. Maybe we can have a power company over-hall bill go through congress that will reduce “costs” and give everyone in America “Affordable” power. It’s in the constitution, right??

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