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Tough Lessons Learned in Roanoke

The front-page article by Valerie Garner in last week’s Star Sentinel is an account of the unwillingness or inability of politicians to make decisions.

The new ‘study’ designated for the amphitheater in Elmwood Park is simply another frustrating effort by City Council to squeeze logic out of worn-out concepts.

Would an active amphitheater require one lane of Williamson Road to be used for port-a-potties and/or service trucks? Would parking in the garage across Williamson Road continue to require hundreds of people walking across the street?

Let’s take a look at some past legacies regarding the ‘wise’ use of taxpayer funds.

Victory Stadium has been demolished and the community awaits ……… further indecision and uncertainty?

The ‘Slate Hill Development’ across from Tanglewood features high retaining walls and ……… a lack of any forethought or planning?

The building formerly occupied by Ukrops stands empty, awaiting a new tenant. This is a tribute to …….. squandered financial incentives?

Explore Park, created in 1985 as a destination, has absorbed considerable funds from several sources and is visited regularly by ……….. wildlife?

The sixty six-million-dollar Taubman Museum of Art has limited parking and is located in a flood zone. The colorful ladder display on a balcony overlooking Williamson Road suggests a rebirth of ………. a continuing debacle?

There are reports that the city’s storm sewer infrastructure requires about $60 million in repairs and upgrades. We don’t hear much about this example of .…….. neglect?

Maybe our politicians are slow learners.

– Dick Baynton, Roanoke

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  1. A good follow up question would be why aren’t projects like the amphitheater in Elmwood Park performed by the City Engineers with City employees. Certainly with city benefits such as up to 5 days retirement given for every 1 day worked (e.g. in some cases) we have the internal experience to do some of these jobs, without an external study.

  2. Good point alphabet however the issue there is one of responsibility. You see if the city pays an expert for a study and concluding opinion and it turns out wrong, they can blame the outside expert. If however they do it in house, then the full responsibility rests upon the city. Don’t you know by now that city fathers do not want this kind of responsibility!!!

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