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Community School Celebrates 40th Anniversary and 2012 Hero Award

Community School’s 40th Anniversary Hero Award -- a 3x3 foot mosaic named “Coming Together for a Brighter Future” -- was designed by Moss Stratton and custom-built by Community School’s middle school Friday art group: Rocky Best, Phineas Chapman, Sophie Gettings, Jaren Hollandsworth, Este Kaiser, Bucky Mason, Kimberly Stephenson, Moss Stratton and Cais Thomas.

by Carol Kirtley

Exhibiting its firm commitment to the community for the past 40 years, Community School students selected the recipient and presented the annual Hero Award to Don Mason, founder of Angels of Assisi in recognition of his efforts to “promote the welfare of mankind and being an inspiration role model for others”.

Accepting the award Mason said “We care for animals regardless of their condition . . . blind, no legs. We maintain a no-kill shelter based on ahimsa Hindu wisdom of do no harm whether physical, mental or emotional.” After thanking the students, Mason invited them to volunteer at the shelter and promised that “it would be a worthwhile experience.”

Mason founded Angels of Assisi in 2003 with a no-harm and no-kill philosophy. Under Mason’s direction Angels of Assisi provides low-cost dental and health care for pets, spaying and neutering services, a farm animal sanctuary, and foster care and adoption services.

Community School’s Annual Hero Award honors the teachings of Martin Luther King Jr. and exemplifies his peaceful efforts. The students select the recipient and design and build an award to compliment them.

Award designer Moss Stratton, 12, explained that the 2012 award is a mosaic and was “divided into four equal sections, each one bordered with a narrow space.  The panels appear to be stopped in time, keeping them from moving toward each other as they close the gap.  Concentric circles represent the coming together and melding of the world’s people. Each layer is a step toward the cooperation and integration of all peoples. At the core is a sectioned mirror, one that the observer looks at and sees his own reflection. Peace, harmony, and unity begin with each individual.”

Community School is celebrating its 40th year and an open house for elementary and middle school will be held on April 3 at 7 p.m.

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