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Sheriff Octavia Johnson To Seek Third Term

Sheriff Octavia Johnson with State Senator Ralph Smith (L) and Congressman Bob Goodlatte (R).
Sheriff Octavia Johnson with State Senator Ralph Smith (L) and Congressman Bob Goodlatte (R).

Inclement weather did not put a damper on Sheriff Octavia Johnson’s announcement that she will seek a third term to the Constitutional Office of Sheriff of Roanoke City.  Friends, family, associates and dignitaries gathered in the lobby of the Patrick Henry Hotel to show their support.  A plethora of purple and white “Octavia Johnson Roanoke City Sheriff” signs dominated the room.

Congressman Bob Goodlatte opened the event with high praise for Sheriff Johnson.  He said that she had updated technology and by so doing improved safety and security for her staff.

Also in attendance was State Senator Ralph Smith who stated that Sheriff Johnson focuses on the job of Sheriff rather than politics.  “Octavia does a job that few people want to talk about; she provides housing for the worst of the worst in Roanoke.  She has to feed, clothe and provide medical care for the 600 or more inmates in the jail.  Sheriff Johnson is doing a great job,” he said.  “If she wasn’t, we would all hear about it.”

Sheriff Johnson received a standing ovation as she approached the podium and stated, “It has been the greatest honor and privilege of my life to have served two terms as the Sheriff of Roanoke.  I have led this office with determination and professionalism and it is my hope that the people of Roanoke will honor me with their confidence and their votes on November 5th.  I announce today my intention to run for a third term for Sheriff of Roanoke City.”

Supporters of Johnson said that she has established the Citizens Academy to give citizens the opportunity to better understand the responsibilities of the Sheriff’s Office, sought after and received a number of grants to purchase new cameras and better radios, changed the promotional process to give women and minorities an equal opportunity, updated technology to fit the needs of a new century and remodeled the inmate intake area for more efficient processing of offenders.

During her remarks Sheriff Johnson said, “Where do we go from here?  We will continue to raise the standards of the Sheriff’s Office.  We will continue to earn our national accreditations from the American Correctional Association and the National Commission of Correctional Health Care.  We are actively pursuing accreditation with the Virginia Law enforcement Professional Standards Commission, a new state accreditation for the Roanoke City Sheriff’s Office.  We will continue to increase our outreach to the community and welcome community involvement.  We are developing additional programming to assist inmates as they prepare to re-enter society.  We will continue to respond to challenges with real solutions.”

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 By Carla M. Bream

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