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DICK BAYNTON: Syria – Holocaust II?

Dick Baynton

Winston Churchill, speaking on radio in October 1939 said something like this about Russia: It is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. That expression seems to fit the current status of the nation of Syria, its leader and its people. Here we have a ruthless leader who has been educated in the practice of medicine and has almost certainly professed to follow the medical code of ethics that says something like, ‘First do no harm.’

Who is this guy who is in the process of creating ‘Holocaust II?’ It is highly certain that killing one’s own people because they ask for additional freedoms rises to a level of criminal conduct. It seems reasonable to most citizens of the U.S. and other free countries that you sit down with leaders of efforts to gain more individual freedom and discuss sensible ways of approaching the problem.

Bashar Hafez al-Assad was born on September 11th, 1952. He and his wife Asma al-Assad have three children. Bashar was the second son of Hafez al-Assad who was President of Syria from 1971 to 2000. Bashar enrolled in the University of Damascus to study medicine after high school. After graduation, Bashar served four years as an Army doctor and then went to London, England where he received a graduate degree in ophthalmology.

The heir apparent for the presidency was first-born son Bassel who was killed in an auto accident in 1994. As a result, Bashar returned to Damascus to prepare for the father’s job as President. Father and Syrian President Hafez al-Assad died on June 10th, 2000. A few days later Bashar was elected to a seven-year term as President of Syria, leader of the Ba’ath Party and Commander-in-Chief of Syrian armed forces. He promised government reforms that never materialized and he endorsed Palestinian and Lebanese militant groups.

Although being re-elected to a seven-year term in 2007, protests began in 2011 and although Bashar promised reforms, these never came to fruition as many governments called for his resignation and the Arab League suspended Syria from membership. The excuse for withdrawing from Obama’s red line warning of August 20th 2012 to Assad was that Iran declared that if we took action in Syria, the nuclear deal with Iran and other nations would not be concluded.

According to the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), Assad has caused the internal relocation of 6.5 million Syrian people and 2.5 million Syrians have sought refuge outside the country. Although estimates vary, there have been 400,000 to 500,000 deaths of men, women and children and myriad reports of incarcerations, torture, sickness and death by chemical attacks and barrel bombs with tacit approval of Russia.

Military units in Syria include the Syrian Army, the rebel ‘Free Syrian Army’, ISIS fighters, Russian military units and U.S. specialty units. It has been reported that a ‘New Islamic Group’ named Hayat Tahrir al-Sham is rising in Syria. Recent information suggests that the group consists of remnants of ISIS and is reported to be led by Abu Mohammad al-Julani, a former al Qaeda terrorist. The quest of this new organization appears to be imposition of Islamic (Sharia law) rule across Syria. The creation of this new terrorist group may be the announcement that U.S troops would be leaving the area plus the reduced influence of ISIS.

Perhaps the most gruesome actions by this vengeful ogre Assad is his deliberate destruction of hospitals, clinics and healthcare facilities throughout the country.  Diabetics are dying from lack of access to insulin, cancer patients are dying for lack of chemotherapy and other treatment regimens and patients are dying from toxicity due to the destruction of dialysis centers. The UN reports that ¾ of healthcare workers have left the country and more than half the hospitals have been destroyed or disabled. The deaths of 847 healthcare workers including doctors, nurses, dentists and medical students has had a deadly impact on the population.

These acts of pathological devastation are confirmed by ‘Doctors Without Borders’, the ‘World Health Organization’ (WHO), the ‘Syrian American Medical Society’ and ‘Physicians for Human Rights’ yet the morbid wreckage rolls on. Both Assad and Russia’s Putin deny and lie to the world. It took many years and many deaths to send Hitler into oblivion; it’s happening again because mankind grudgingly accepts this new uncivilized holocaust.

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