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Nonprofit Begins Third Restoration Effort in City of Roanoke

Roanoke Mayor Sherman Lea (r) discusses Restoration Housing’s fine
work in the City of Roanoke with Executive Director Isabel Thornton (l)
while Contractor Chad Brown (center) looks on.

Local non-profit Restoration Housing is beginning the historic restoration of their third project, the circa 1820 structure of the Villa Heights Recreation Center, otherwise known as the Compton-Bateman House, in Northwest Roanoke.

The organization held a “Restoration Kick-Off” on September 25th to celebrate the commencement of construction with a crowd of supporters and members of Roanoke City’s Economic Development Department.

The Melrose Orange Target Area has consistently seen more positive investments from both the public and private sector since the beginning of its status as a city target area for revitalization. In addition to Restoration Housing’s project, there are similar revitalization efforts seen in projects such as the new “Community Solutions Center” by Feeding America of Southwest Virginia.

The Villa Heights Recreation Center will also be home to a nonprofit tenant once construction is complete next year with plans to rent to the Boys & Girls Club of Southwest Virginia as an after school recreation center and office space. The building will serve as a satellite facility to their flagship location on 9th Street in Southeast Roanoke.

“This restoration effort is a wonderful collaboration between nonprofits, the City of Roanoke, and the community of Northwest Virginia. We are all mutually benefiting from seeing this structure restored and brought back to life after over ten years of vacancy,” said Restoration Housing Executive Director Isabel Thornton.

Acquired by Restoration Housing last year, this project will be the third rehabilitation overhaul for the nonprofit organization, which began in 2014. Their first two projects are located in the West End and are both used as affordable rental housing. Roanoke contractor Square 1, which also completed the West End constructions, will perform the renovation.
Each project of the organization uses historic tax credits to offset construction costs and keep rents affordable.

Restoration Housing’s mission is to create and assist in development projects with a focus on historic preservation of architectural resources. Their projects address the needs of limited income families and strengthen the community by reducing blight and vacancy.

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