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DICK BAYNTON: The Sucker Punch

Dick Baynton

A sucker punch is when a person is struck with a blow when it was least expected. Right now, today and for the past several weeks since October 12th, a ‘caravan ‘ of distraught people has travelled by foot and hopping moving vehicles from Honduras into Mexico, all heading for the United States border. At last count a crowd of about 7,000 people (recently revised to 3,000) from Honduras, San Salvador and Guatemala in a perilous journey of more than 2,000 miles. Some travelers have developed blisters, heat stroke and other health problems that require first-aid.

The news media has treated this juggernaut of poverty as something that appeared spontaneously like mushrooms after a rainy night. But let’s think about reality and logic. If 7,000 people each consume food at the bargain price of $5 a day, the cost is $35,000 per day and at 20 miles per day of travel for 100 days the cost of food is about $3.5 million. All living humans need toilets and if portable ‘johns’ are rented, they need thousands of them up and down the paths, roadways and bridges. If portable toilets are not used, the 2,000 mile path will be a substantial health hazard. Where are families sleeping and how are the youngest tots fed and kept clean? Is this ‘mob march a spontaneous gathering or a planned event?

While the Mexican government had agreed to President Trump’s appeal to stop the fleeing mob at their southern border, the Mexican military could not deal with the thousands of wayfarers who broke through their lines with abandon. A headline in a leading newspaper last week stated that there are yet another 2,500 Hondurans gathering in the city of Chiquimula, Guatemala near the Honduran border ready to traipse the 2000 mile obstacle course. Interviews by reporters indicate that these travelers have the fortitude to try and are willing to take life-changing risks to get to the USA border.

It is probably not a coincidence that this ‘caravan’ of downtrodden humans was planned to conflict with the timing of the November 6th election. Trump haters and their minions in concert with funding from billionaires like George Soros of Katonah, NY and Tom Steyer of San Francisco could easily fund this revolting parade. Planning had to be weeks in advance to find people to carry out the logistics of moving thousands of people thousands of miles. It is reasonable that the magnitude of this top-secret project was handled by planners, not peasants or serfs. This transfer of humanity is an invasion not to enrich the lives of the travelers but to confound an election. This is the work of villainous people, not altruism toward ‘refugees.’

The march started on October 12th in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, a city of more than 700,000 in an area with a total of more than 1.4 million in the metro area. It is considered one of the most violent cities in the entire world. Our budget has earmarked $70 million to Guatemala, $66 million to Honduras and $46 million to El Salvador for ‘violence prevention’ in 2019. Where are these funds going?

The upcoming mid-term election is one of the most important elections in history. Here’s some logic, if Democrats take over, taxes will rise, and regulations introduced during the Obama years will be reinstated, increasing costs for manufacturers and other private businesses. Millions of jobs have been returned in the first two years of the Trump administration.

The past two years have been swamped with the vapid ‘resist’ movement, the phony delay for installation of a highly qualified Supreme Court Justice, a cyclone of lies, truths and uncertainties have rotated and exchanged meanings depending on the speakers, the listeners and the topics. The rule of ‘presumption of innocence’ has been discarded and replaced by the rule of belief in gender that switches back and forth between female and male depending on the accuser and the accused.

In the overcast of 68.7 million displaced persons worldwide, 25.4 million of whom were ‘refugees’ according to the UNHCR, the United States took in 85,000 refugees in 2016 of whom 38,901 were Muslim ‘refugees.’ The laws of immigration have been trampled and replaced with devious political manipulation.

A sucker punch is vindictive; leading a nation is valorous.

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