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Dick Baynton

All actions have results; the recent ‘mid-term’ election is no exception. The presidential election will occur in two years and some senators were not on ballots because their terms are six-years in length. The overall result was that Democrats won the U.S. House of Representatives while Republicans gained a few seats in the U.S. Senate. Some polls forecast that the result could be just what turned out. Immediately following the results, except those that were still being contested, winners and losers mentioned that bi-partisan legislation would follow. What good news!

Now, let reality settle in and recognize that the outcome of the election will be anything but bi-partisan. Democrat leaders determined on election-day, November 8th, 2016 and reinforced on Inauguration Day, January 20th, 2017 that Donald Trump should never serve as President of the United States of America.

Don’t let your gracious thoughts believe in the fairness or the changed policies of liberal extremists. Here are lessons we have learned from the recent ‘mid-term’ election: First, now we know that big money does make a difference, but not always. Beto O’Rourke received $70 million in funding his Texas Senatorial campaign but lost to Ted Cruz who raised $40 million.

Another lesson learned is that contrary to former President Obama’s assurances of voting integrity, Broward and Palm Beach, Florida Counties apparently keep finding ballots in weird places. The count in Maricopa County, Arizona seems to fly in the face of ‘integrity in ballot counting.’ Research by Old Dominion University in Virginia found that 14% of foreign nationals were registered to vote and 6.4% of foreigners voted in 2014. According to the Pew Research Center 24 million voter registration records are duplicates, out-of-date or inaccurate. The study found that 2.8 million voters were registered in multiple states and 1.8 million voters were deceased; fraud or incompetence?

Here are some forecasts about the next couple years. Investigations of Republican office holders will fill the time of an endless list of liberal attorneys, interminable congressional investigations & hearings, sanctuary jurisdictions will be in the vanguard of liberal policies, Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) officers will be shunned and the operation will be threatened with closing. Open borders with no walls will be one of the firm policies of the new House of Representatives. Homicide by gun will continue to stain the reputations of cities like Chicago because authorities focus on bullets, weapons and triggers rather than shooters. Liberal dreams will include adding millions to the rolls of Medicare, free college for all HS graduates, huge increases in welfare, and heaping benefits onto illegal aliens, all accelerating the national debt of $21 trillion.

Many liberal ‘globalists’ have altered the objectives of ‘globalism’ to include freedom of movement between nations on a random and unlimited basis. When President Trump complains about ‘bad people’ in the caravan heading for our southern border to claim U.S. soil as ‘home’ he may be correct.

A recent WSJ report mentions that although Latin America with 8% of world population, the area accounts for about 30% of the world’s homicides of 517,000 or about 172,000 homicides annually. It is fundamental to all sovereign nations that borders are inviolate. Foreigners of any nation are welcome in the United States by invitation only; not by force of will or violence.

We must be reminded that ‘style’ of leadership and management should be less important than positive results achieved by the Trump administration. The armed forces are being revived from their dormancy and depletion of the past decade. Our domestic economy is thriving; our foreign relations are strained as they should be; some NATO partners have not been paying their fair share of the defense alliance and past trade pacts are being re-worked to assure fair trades for our exports and imports.

Sadly however, the ‘resist’ movement by liberals will almost certainly seek new advocates, new legislative and judicial weapons to bolster their march to socialism and unlimited power as opposed to their obligations to serve the wonderful diversity of citizens of our great nation.

Sir Winston Churchill said this: “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.” Drain the Swamp.

Dick Baynton

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