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DICK BAYNTON: Government 101: Theory & Practice

Dick Baynton

In representative government, voters elect officials who in turn hire workers to carry out the policies of those who have been elected. That is simply the way a responsible republic like the United States is supposed to operate. However, events over the past few years have not been functioning as theory dictates. Our nation has veered off course and we are functioning like a disorderly mob at a soccer match where the game officials are ignored and the spectators are hurling insults and bad language. On display for the past two years has been a struggle for results by the elected team which is trying to solve problems while the unelected team appears to be creating more problems while ignoring the present ones.

A short history of the past reveals that on November 8th, 2016, Donald J. Trump won the vote of the Electoral College while Hillary Rodham Clinton won the popular vote. According to long standing election rules, the winner of the Electoral College vote wins the Presidential Election. From the moment the results were announced early on the morning of November 9th, Democrats insisted that the vote was not correct as Hillary was scheduled to win and become the first woman president of The United States. Various techniques were employed to show that Hillary had won the election but when the last potato is bagged, the potato harvest is over.

Those who had special magic ‘crystal balls’ saw a two-tier system of government evolving that had developed right under our noses. Some called it ‘deep state’ and other names but uncovered was a master plan that had ‘fixed’ the race in favor of the Democrat. Hillary had sacrificed her efforts in 2008 to allow bi-racial Barack Hussein Obama to capture the presidency winning handily over John McCain. Our nation had proven that we could elect a non-Caucasian president and many, but not all, of us were pleased.  The administration of ‘Hope and Change’ was at bat to change our great nation into a welfare state in the ‘era’ of Globalization. It would be an understatement to say that the Obama administration changed most things for the worse.

Some fringe voters declared that the winner of the popular vote in 2016 should be the winner. Some whispered that somehow there must have been votes that weren’t counted. Others speculated that there was some skullduggery because most advance polls showed Hillary winning in a landslide. James Comey, FBI Director was among the revelers at the Hillary Clinton party location at The Jacob Javits Center in NYC. Mrs. Comey had apparently been working in the H. R. Clinton campaign. But alas, the champagne would stay in the cooler and the noise-makers remained silent. The cold, hard fact was that someone – Donald Trump – had stolen the election from the first lady candidate and ruined the queen-in-waiting’s ascension to the throne of our great Republic.

Circulating among several of the top FBI executives, leaders in the Senate and House, big donors and other liberal leaders must have spread the word that, ‘We’ve got to figure out a way to get rid of this rebel/rogue candidate that is coarse, dumb-witted and a threat to our present system of government.” Those who have a lick of logic in their brains suspected something was awry but ordinary judges, investigators, politicians and others were unable to unravel the plans that were unfolding; THE RUSSIAN COLLUSION. Thus the ‘Resistance’ movement was concocted using gestures, whispers and written and unwritten understandings of Continuous Childish Contempt (CCC) for all things ‘Trumpian.’

The most recent display of hatred is resistance to the barrier between Mexico and California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. Here are some statistics: Illegal aliens cost taxpayers $275 billion annually. 90% of illicit heroin comes in over the southern border. More than 70,000 victims died of opioid overdose in the U.S. in 2017; another 28,000 died from using fentanyl.  The cost of illicit drug use is between $200 and $300 billion annually. Trump is asking for just $5 billion in 2019.

Hatred is the polar opposite of love. Love is the most powerful positive human force known; hatred is the most corrosive, contaminating and devastating consequence in the lives of those who harbor it.

Dick Baynton



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