DICK BAYNTON: The Real Meaning of “PC”

By now we all probably know that PC means ‘political correctness’ which in turn means that our language, our discourse, our culture is undergoing change. PC arises not from popular demand but from the voices and writings of a few elite political, academic and social leaders whose visions of life in the USA must mutate to accommodate their opinions, biases and convictions.

Just a couple years ago UC President Janet Napolitano sent messages to UC deans and department heads inviting them to attend seminars regarding the use of ‘mini-aggressions’ in campus dialogue. A couple expressions that were considered unworthy were, “America is a melting pot’ and “I believe the most qualified person should get the job.” Truly childish and unbelievable that a professor should not suggest that the best-qualified candidate for a job should be replaced by a person less qualified? (Editor’s Note: To see where that leads read C.S. Lewis’s “Screwtape Proposes a Toast.”)

A rising implementation of political correctness is the use of the word ‘racism.’ According to the University of California philosophy and teaching saying, “There is only one race; the human race” is taboo because it denies the significance of a person of color’s racial/ethnic experience and history. That is pure gobbledygook. Speaking of the ‘human race’ seems to be totally inclusive but those who seek division not inclusion have their own interpretation.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York) recently mentioned that our ‘southern border’ was comparable to ‘concentration camps.’ Her not-fully-developed mind was referring to the terrible places where millions of people were annihilated by a despot named Adolph Hitler. Our nation in concert with other allies was instrumental in removing this madman from power while freeing millions of people. Congressmen and women are visiting our southern border to show that an emergency exists but is denied by the very same people who have withheld funds until recently.

PC has become very fashionable in places like California where in Los Angeles nearly half the students speak Spanish in LA County and where Governor Gavin Newsom has declared the entire state as a ‘Sanctuary’ jurisdiction. California workers are paying for healthcare for illegal aliens, 40% of whom work for cash and thus make no tax contributions according to a recent report. The report adds that about 2/3 of the babies born in LA County are the offspring of illegal aliens. LA County is home to about 10 million people.

It has been reported that in June the San Francisco School Board voted to spend up to $600,000 to rid the 1,600 SF ‘Life of Washington’ mural painted in 1935 at a local high school.  This removal was because President and General George Washington was a slave-holder and was offensive to teenagers. Added were critical words that the mural was ‘racist’ and ‘degrading’ regarding its depiction of Blacks and Native Americans. According to this perspective, George Washington should never have been elected president.

Use of the word ‘racism’ is an appropriate PC portal for those who want to create division between races. And remember, when the word ‘racism’ is uttered, the media jumps on it like a mouse on cheese. Recently, President Trump criticized an area of Baltimore as ‘rat infested.’ Rats go where food is and where rodents and their families can thrive in and around ramshackle houses. He did not mention that the neighborhood was predominately Black and thus was trying to shine attention on an area that was suffering from neglect having nothing to do with ‘race.’

Dick Baynton

PC is rampant in many urban school districts where Charter Schools turn out superior students but are opposed by teachers’ unions who provide vast financial support to liberal causes; minority and impoverished children are often victims of this practice

The advancement and use of ‘Political Correctness’ can be described as ‘cover-up’ language to reduce the impact of real and true meanings of words and expressions. PC has arisen partly because the concept of ‘globalization’ that has become popular in liberal progressive dialogue. Globalization promotes the concept that everyone on earth can immigrate to any other country freely. This concept is at odds with the philosophy of sovereignty and promotes worldwide wealth redistribution and the supremacy of government rather than our Constitutional concept of Government of the People, by the People and for the People.