STUART REVERCOMB: Something Just Ended

Stuart Revercomb

Here in the great state of Virginia we have just enjoyed (or not so much) the annual UVA / VA TECH football game. And, if you haven’t heard (but I have no idea how that could be given the repeated proclamations for over 15 years) UVA FINALLY WON!

Thus, ending “the streak.”

Yup, the Wahoos closed the deal on Friday by a score of 39 to 30 and you would have thought we had put men on Pluto and/or discovered the cure for cancer.

Seriously, this thing was serious.

But, of course, it really shouldn’t be – at least, perhaps, not quite so much.

Why do we get so carried away with sports?

Well, it may take the place of our human need to collectively compete – and it’s certainly better than a gladiator fight or thousands of Washingtonians trekking to the Battle of Bull Run to watch from the hilltops as the blood bath took place below.

Others believe that it has become something like religion in society – providing the weekly gathering / the “brotherhood” / the sharing of common goals and even objects of praise and sacrifice in the players and coaches themselves. (…/football-is-the-new-religion-…/)

Which I suppose from a secular perspective is just fine, as long as it doesn’t get in the way of one’s REAL worship – whether that’s done in a sanctuary, temple or even one’s closet.

Or on a mountaintop – which seems to have been Jesus’s preference.

So yeah – Go Wahoos!

In good measure.