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Botetourt County Introduces New Logo and Brand

A new marketing identity and brand has been unveiled by Botetourt County at their most recent Board of Supervisors meeting – the governing body’s first meeting of the new decade and the first of the County’s 250th anniversary year. The product of a months-long design process, the new brand is fresh and vibrant, reflecting the growth and diversity of Botetourt, and is a celebration of the County’s unique history.

Said Chairman Billy Martin about the new brand, “This is not what I was expecting; it is better. It really stands out and makes a statement. I like that.”

The new logo incorporates a nickname for the County that has organically emerged in recent years, “BOCO”.  It also features the five-leaved flower, or cinquefoil, a component of the original Baron Botetourt seal (click here). The cinquefoil is a genus of flowering plants in the rose family and is a time-honored symbol of hope and joy.

The new logo features a very contemporary design with bright colors to reflect energy, excitement and growth, yet it also clearly pays homage to the County’s history and natural beauty. It represents the best of our past and our future.

County Administrator Gary Larrowe thanked Board members for embracing a new logo that “breaks the mold” of traditional governmental brands in order to communicate the real spirit of Botetourt.

“This is an exciting time for the County, and we are thrilled about the future. This logo proudly proclaims our heritage while expressing our excitement about what is to come. It speaks to all of those things in a unique and engaging way,” said Larrowe.

Access, a Roanoke advertising agency, collaborated to develop the logo. With its own roots in Virginia’s Blue Ridge and familiarity with this region, Access was a valuable partner in helping the County clarify its branding goals and execute its vision.

At the Board meeting, Tony Pearman, CEO, presented a video introducing the logo, a copy of which is available here:

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