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DENNIS GARVIN: Empress Pelosi Explained

Dennis Garvin

I must confess to some confusion about the behavior of Nancy Pelosi in her role as Speaker of the House, essentially the Majority leader of the lower house of our national legislature. I can only conclude that she does not understand her constitutional role.

First, she states that the Constitution considers her equal to Trump:

That assertion is manifestly untrue.

Second, she stated recently that President Trump was not acquitted. That, also, is manifestly untrue, unless you disregard the Constitution.

Then you have the other peculiarities:

1. In the House rules governing the Impeachment inquiry, she sent it to committee, yet retained the right to dismiss any witness.
2. In the House rules governing the Impeachment inquiry, she denied the President the right to have attorneys present in the Intelligence Committee review.
3. While all of that might seem like acting totally within her assigned power, I find it odd that the accusation of Election tampering was for political acts that have been done in the legislature and by virtually all previous Presidents.
4. Pelosi likes to appear to control the moral high ground and yet repeatedly ignores her own dirty politics. Just one example: Pelosi had to plug a loophole in a wage increase law that selectively benefited a company in her legislative district, after the loophole became public knowledge. It is unimaginable that Pelosi did not know about it before it was reported.
5. She also chooses to conclude that perfectly reasonable diplomacy, when done by a member of the opposition party, is dirty politics. Why would Trump want to damage Joe Biden in his bid for the Democrat nomination? Facts have proven him to be the most self- imploding, easily defeated choice?

We have an elected official who is trying to restrict or deny the Constitutional rights and responsibilities of the Senate and the Executive branch of the USA, while at the same time retaining her power, expanding her power, and continuing her backroom politicking.

Pelosi looks in the mirror and sees the majority leader in the lower house of a legislative branch of government, but it is not the US Government; it is the government of England, where the majority leader of the lower house (House of Commons) is the Prime Minister, the executive head of the country. The Monarch (previous executive branch) is powerless and the House of Lords (upper house of Parliament) is, as a result of a long history, is equally powerless.

How intriguing that the original PROGRESSIVES of Woodrow Wilson’s era were trying to circumvent the legislature and vest power in the Executive branch; while Pelosi and her modern Progressive party are trying to circumvent the Executive branch and the Senate and vest all power in Prime Minister Pelosi.

It is in this political ethos that we can understand how a Democrat Candidate for the US Senate could propose that the new symbol of the Democratic Party be a guillotine. While the candidate seeks to separate this symbol of the French Terror that employed it from its actual use- employing the guillotine to execute the French King (executive branch) – the Democrats should study history: Robespierre was the leader of the Terror that guillotined the Monarch and his queen as well as much of French nobility and a great many simple citizens whose error was in questioning the new authority in France. In the end, Robespierre, along with 21 of his supporters, was himself guillotined. Shortly after that, France was nearly destroyed by the Emperor Napoleon.

Perhaps, in our era of instant gratification (and considering her age) our current Speaker of the House should try to fast forward the political process, bypass Prime Minister Pelosi, and simply become Empress Pelosi. After all, in the entire history of the USA, no Speaker of the House ever became President of our country, probably because, like Pelosi, they carried too much dirt or divisiveness.

Dennis Garvin

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