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Roanoke College and Carilion Clinic Partner to Serve Growing Health Care Sector

Roanoke College and Carilion Clinic have announced a new partnership to advance educational opportunities and workforce development for Roanoke College students and Carilion employees. The partnership will mobilize public health resources to serve the populations most in need in the Roanoke Valley.

“In many ways, our region’s success has been built on a foundation of partnerships between health care and higher education,” said Jeanne Armentrout, Carilion Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer. “Carilion has benefited from hiring many talented Roanoke College graduates in the past. Their skills and abilities, combined with a passion for serving others, make them an excellent fit for our culture and mission.”

The Roanoke College-Carilion Clinic partnership will:

  • Utilize Roanoke College’s health-related curricula, such as the public health studies program, the business program, research initiatives and Carilion’s expanding medical education collaboratives, to address community health, well-being and the region’s growing community of healthcare professionals.
  • Build a pipeline for non-clinical healthcare professionals through innovative internships and technical training that prepares students and graduates for careers, demonstrating Carilion’s and Roanoke College’s position among the founding stakeholders of the Blue Ridge Partnership for Health Science Careers.
  • Create continuing education opportunities at Roanoke College for Carilion employees, drawing on existing and new training options in technology and administration.
  • Track and measure program goals, including increased placement of non-clinical professionals in up-and-coming healthcare careers and career development training for Carilion employees to meet the needs of both organizations and the Roanoke Valley.

“Roanoke College and Carilion Clinic understand the deep connections between health, wellness, education, employment and the regional economy,” said Dr. Shannon Anderson, coordinator of public health studies at Roanoke College. “The partnership will build on shared goals and values and find ways to serve the needs of the most vulnerable in our community by leveraging the resources of both organizations.”

Partnership efforts are centered on improving community health, preparing students for careers in the health care sector and supporting professional development for Carilion’s workforce.

Also, Roanoke College will explore how new majors and academic programs can address the ever-changing needs of all health care employers and the growing biomedical and biotechnology ecosystem in the region.

“This expanding partnership between Roanoke College and Carilion Clinic illuminates the power of higher education and professional health care to support critical community needs through meaningful work,” said Roanoke College President Michael C. Maxey, who is retiring in July. “There is no greater purpose than serving our communities and fellow citizens. I know President-elect Shushok is committed to regional growth and meeting partnership goals. I am excited to witness the ways Roanoke College and Carilion will carry out this partnership to launch productive careers and serve the growing healthcare sector.”

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