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Governor Youngkin Releases Human Trafficking Prevention Report

The Department of Criminal Justice Services Sex Trafficking Response Coordinator’s Annual Report Also Released

During Human Trafficking Month, Governor Glenn Youngkin today announced that the Commission on Human Trafficking Prevention and Survivor Support released their report on human trafficking in Virginia. On his first day in office, Governor Youngkin reaffirmed Virginia’s commitment to combat human trafficking by creating the Human Trafficking Commission through Executive Order 7.

The Commission’s recommendations focus on reducing the number of human trafficking incidents, as well as identifying solutions to fight human trafficking in the Commonwealth.

“During human trafficking month, my administration is expanding our efforts to eradicate human trafficking, the modern-day slavery of our time, in Virginia once and for all,” said Youngkin. “The critical collaboration between the commission and my administration has fostered new state roles to address human trafficking and legislation born of commission recommendations. Thank you to the commission for your important work and reports, we are one step closer to removing this evil from the Commonwealth.”

“The Commission was established following the continued increase both nationally and in Virginia of cases of human trafficking,” said Commission Chairman Michael K. Lamonea. “The commission studies took a broad look at historic motives and increasing trend of trafficking. Human trafficking remains a priority amongst the unfinished work in society to ensure the respect and inalienable rights of all people throughout the world.”

“I applaud all the work that has been done by our Sex Trafficking Coordinator. We must take every action to make resources about trafficking are available in the Commonwealth,” said Jackson Miller, Director of the Department of Criminal Justice Services.

On December 15, 2022, Governor Youngkin proposed over $1 million annually to create 10 new full-time positions at the Virginia State Police, including two human trafficking analysts.

Read the Commission to Combat Human Trafficking Report here.

Read the Department of Criminal Justice Services Sex Trafficking Response Coordinator Annual Report here.

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