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Community Leaders Begin Envisioning a Safer Williamson Road

Williamson Road residents and businesses will soon have the opportunity to discuss upcoming enhancements to this vital residential and commercial corridor. “Envision Williamson Road,” as the community engagement project is called, held its first steering
committee meeting on April 9th where leaders introduced the project plan and then walked a nearly 2-mile stretch of the road under review. This is the first of four steering committee meetings which will be followed by community engagement activities publicized by the City.

“The goal for the project is to collaboratively engage in authentic consensus building around the future of Williamson Road as well as the interventions necessary to address the current transportation challenges of the corridor,” said Dwayne D’Ardenne, City of Roanoke Transportation Division Manager. “This vision will be achieved through consensus of the diverse businesses, residents, and visitors that call Williamson Road home.”

In addition to striving for a safe street for all users, D’Ardenne said that the project will also sustain existing legacy small-business, nurture emerging multicultural small business, and restore connections between adjacent neighborhoods.

“The Thriving Communities program provides localities with technical assistance, planning, and capacity building support to advance transportation projects with the goal to connect communities to essential opportunities and resources, increase mobility, reduce pollution, and expand affordable transportation options,” Campbell said. “The partnership with Thriving Communities will help the City build consensus around a community vision to address safety issues along Williamson Road.”

Specifically, Thriving Communities will play a key role in identifying and bringing together key stakeholders for the project, according to City Manager Bob Cowell. “We recognize that the future of Williamson Road involves the unique perspectives of diverse individuals, groups, and organizations, and we value their input on this important project.”

For more information about Envision Williamson Road, visit: https://roanoke-

For more information on the USDOT’s Thriving Communities Program visit:
For media inquiries, please contact [email protected].

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