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Virginia Conservative Leaders Coalition Praises Youngkin’s Decisive Leadership

Amidst a challenging budgetary landscape, the Virginia Conservative Leaders Coalition commends Governor Glenn Youngkin for his thoughtful navigation of Virginia’s fiscal priorities during the 2024 session of Virginia’s General Assembly.

Governor Youngkin’s “Common Ground Budget” exemplifies his leadership in bridging divides. This budget offers significant concessions to avoid drastic tax increases while incorporating spending priorities important to both parties. These include increased state aid for schools and raises for Virginia’s public school teachers and state employees.

While the new spending exceeds what many conservatives would prefer, Governor Youngkin’s efforts reflect a commitment to pragmatic governance in a divided political environment. His approach has ensured that while taxes will not decrease, they will also not increase, effectively stalling the proposed digital sales tax, the B2B tax, and a return to the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative’s carbon tax.

In addition to fiscal management, Governor Youngkin demonstrated resolute leadership by vetoing a record number of 153 bills this session, underscoring his dedication to the well-being and prosperity of the Commonwealth. These vetoes addressed a wide range of issues, such as a new unconstitutional ban on assault rifles and legal restrictions on gun storage, the poorly conceived Prescription Drug Affordability Board that would have been anything but affordable, increases to the minimum wage and employer/employee-subsidized benefit mandates, ranked-choice voting, and much more.

“Governor Youngkin’s careful consideration and action on key legislation conveys his dedication to safeguarding Virginia’s future and preserving our shared values,” remarked Lynn Taylor of Virginia Institute Action. “His veto decisions send a clear message: he understands the intricacies of the Commonwealth’s challenges and is committed to finding solutions that prioritize economic prosperity and individual liberties for all Virginians.”

This success is a shared triumph, bolstered by the efforts of coalition partners, including The Family Foundation, Virginia Institute for Public Policy, Middle Resolution, Virginia Fair Elections, Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy, Virginia Education Opportunity Alliance, and the Virginia Tea Party. Together, we have demonstrated the power of unity and the impact of strategic collaboration.

“As we celebrate this victory, we are reminded of the continuous need for vigilance and proactive engagement in the legislative process,” said Taylor. “We remain committed to leading the way in strategic policy advocacy, ensuring that our collective voices are heard and our policy goals are achieved.”

Governor Youngkin’s dedication to serving the people of Virginia is commendable, and the Virginia Institute looks forward to continued collaboration with him and our coalition partners in advancing the enduring values that define our beloved Commonwealth.

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