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Virginia Institute for Public Policy Applauds Youngkin’s Decision to End Electric Vehicle Mandate

The Virginia Institute for Public Policy extends its heartfelt thanks to Governor Glenn Youngkin for his decisive action to liberate Virginia from the costly and burdensome electric vehicle (EV) mandate imposed by California. Governor Youngkin’s announcement on June 5, 2024, marks a significant victory for consumer choice, small businesses, and representative government in the Commonwealth.

Key Points of the Governor’s Decision:

– Ending Costly Mandates: Starting at the end of 2024, Virginia will no longer be subject to California’s stringent EV mandate, which requires 100% of new cars sold to be electric by Model Year 2035. The mandate, if enforced, would have resulted in significant financial burdens on Virginians, including penalties of up to $20,000 per non-compliant vehicle and an estimated additional $1.23 billion in vehicle costs by 2026.

– Attorney General’s Official Opinion: Attorney General Jason Miyares issued an official Opinion on June 4, confirming that Virginia law does not require adherence to California’s Advanced Clean Cars II (ACC II) regulations. This Opinion provides the legal foundation for Virginia to revert to federal vehicle emission standards, preserving consumer choice and economic stability.

– Impact on Virginia’s Workforce: The mandate would have disproportionately affected Virginians, particularly those in rural areas like the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula, where over 68% of residents drive over an hour to work daily. The limited range and lengthy charging times of EVs would have hindered many hardworking Virginians from maintaining their livelihoods.

– Restoring Local Governance: Laws governing Virginians should be written by their elected leaders, not unelected California bureaucrats. Governor Youngkin’s decision reasserts the principle that Virginians have the right to make personal vehicle choices based on individual budgets and transportation needs.

– Economic and Environmental Concerns: The EV mandate would have forced Virginians to rely on products made from materials sourced predominantly from countries with poor environmental records and unethical labor practices. Governor Youngkin’s action supports a more balanced and locally accountable approach to vehicle emissions and energy policy.

“Governor Youngkin’s announcement is a pivotal step towards restoring sanity to Virginia’s transportation and energy policy,” remarked Lynn Taylor, President, of Virginia Institute for Public Policy. “By championing consumer choice, supporting small businesses, and upholding the principles of representative government, Governor Youngkin has ensured Virginians retain the freedom to make the best choices for their families and businesses.


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