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Biden’s Contribution to Mayhem in American and Middle Eastern Society

In a recent statement of the Department of State, the United States crossed the boundary regarding Iraq’s law banning homosexuality and prostitution. Obviously, intervening in Iraqis’ culture and religious beliefs is what appears to be behind the statement. This is completely opposed by the Iraqi people.

Simply out, to establish a better relationship with the Middle Eastern nations, the United States must understand the cultures and beliefs of people in the region.

The United States under the Biden Administration should refrain from selling its liberal policy regarding homosexuality and prostitution. The Department of State manipulatively released its statement as a concern of human rights in Iraq. Indeed, homosexuality and prostitution are totally irrelevant to human rights.

The Biden Administration’s interference in Iraqis social lifestyle and beliefs is a major threat to the Iraq’s society and family principles. In its statement, the Department of State has connected the economy and the security of Iraq to this law of banning homosexuality and prostitution. It is a complete delusion for the Department of States to attempt to connect the two critical situations in today’s Iraq, which are economy and security, to the legislation of banning homosexuality and prostitution.

Furthermore, the Statement links the stability of Iraq to this legislation, but in fact the unstable situation in Iraq has been attributed to various factors none of which have anything to do with homosexuality and prostitution. Evidently, this is a political and ideological strategy that the Biden administration is using to infiltrate Iraqi’s society.

The Biden administration has gone far in stepping on the Middle Eastern nations values and exporting the liberal ideology and defining human rights based on an extreme liberal view. This administration has completely degraded the religious and traditional value of people.
It is the moral obligation of Iraq’s lawmakers to protect Iraqi’s society.

Such an obligation has a different meaning for those with a liberal viewpoint. The Biden Administration’s involvement in Middle Eastern society creates a division and leads to a destruction of its cultural values, beliefs, and a family’s traditional lifestyle. The Biden Administration’s concern should shift to the American cities where uncontrolled crime and disease contributes to prostitution and drug use. Sadly, such problems have devastated American society.

The wave of liberalism in the American society has caused traditional lifestyle in some aspects to lose its value in changing the definition of the relationship between men and women. In the United States, these liberal constructs have pervasively been exposed to society through teaching and accepting homosexuality in schools and some churches.

And the issue is not limited to only teaching and acceptance, it appears to be an indoctrination of the younger generation and invasion of the personal spaces of  more conservative individuals who reject homosexuality. The Department of State’s statement does not help in narrowing the gap between the United States and Iraqis. In fact, it causes more resentment toward the United States. This is the outcome of President Biden’s failure leadership.

Again, the unnecessary involvement of the United States’ politicians in the Middle Eastern society attributes even greater chaos and unrest than already exists. Since day one of his presidency, President Biden has contributed to mayhem in both American and Middle Eastern society.

– Serwan Zangana supported Operation Iraqi Freedom as a U.S Army translator before coming to the U.S from Kurdistan, Iraq in 1997 to seek political asylum. He was granted asylum status and years later proudly became a U.S citizen. He currently serves as a correction officer in Roanoke.

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