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Roanoke Inventor Markets Simple Internet Security Gadget

Roanoker Jim DeLong’s security device.

Is someone spying on you with your own webcam?  Nowadays that could be possible.  Recently there have been numerous instances of computer hackers remotely activating webcams – and the victims were completely unaware they were being watched.

Roanoker Jim DeLong, businessman, inventor and entrepreneur, has created the “SPYBLOCKER” to prevent scenarios such as the one in a Pennsylvania school system earlier this year, where an information technology employee activated multiple students’ computers remotely.  In this particular case, the FBI recovered over 54,000 images that were taken of the students in their own homes.

DeLong’s SPYBLOCKER protects an individual’s privacy from unknown and unwanted use of a laptop webcam.  It is a small cover, designed to fit any laptop or netbook. Made from flexible plastic, the SPYBLOCKER slides on the computer frame, covering the webcam. It will adjust to fit all computer sizes and is a convenient alternative to tape or post-it notes, which can damage the camera lens.

Computer virus experts have identified commercial malware and spyware that can run the webcam on a laptop; once a hacker gains access to a computer remotely, they can activate any application on the computer including the webcam, which is standard equipment on most laptops today.

DeLong, the parent of two children and a netbook user, realized an invention like the Spyblocker would fill a niche that is likely to expand. No one likes the idea of hackers gaining access to anyone’s computers.  “I think it is important to raise awareness about webcam spying and inform webcam and laptop users of potential dangers,” said DeLong.

“Unfortunately, hacking into someone else’s webcam is possible and it is happening all the time.  There are many people out there who know how to hack into webcams and many resources for people who want to learn how to do it.  This creates a privacy issue — no one wants to sacrifice their privacy and no one should have to.”

DeLong went on to say that he encourages parents to warn their children about webcam spying so they can protect themselves.  “College students’ laptops are always open in their dorm room, and they are not aware they could possibly be spied upon.  SPYBLOCKER does not require you to disconnect from anything, deactivate anything or download any software.  The laptop webcam cover is a simple one-step option to protect yourself from webcam spying,” said DeLong.

Visit for more information or to order – a pack of two retails for $3.99

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