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Rare Film School Opportunity To Be Held in Richmond

A film School participant lines up for a difficult action shot.

The Outside Adventure Film  School will be capturing angles and documenting storylines at Dominion Riverrock in Richmond on May 13-14.  Since  the school’s inception on Mt. Kilimanjaro in 2007,  founder and three time National Emmy  Award winner,  Michael Brown, has led courses worldwide. Despite  having held schools  on four continents, this will be the first Outside Adventure Film School course ever held   on the East Coast.

The Outside Adventure Film School has chosen to  attend Dominion Riverrock thanks to the extraordinary subject matter and contagious energy at the games. Students will be given all-access passes to create   their own films from conception to final edit, and the school will showcase student films at a special film  festival in Richmond on May 17th to conclude the course.

One of the unique aspects of the Outside Adventure Film School is that all ages and levels of filmmaker  are welcome; past students have ranged from 15 to 60 years old, and while some are  just learning to wrangle  their cameras into record mode, others boast full-time careers producing television and films. Athletes and   onlookers at the games can’t miss the  school’s students armed with cameras, tripods and audio gear, and led  by a well rounded team of adventure filmmakers.

The challenges of  shooting action sports and capturing the raw personalities of extreme athletes await this particular group. Whether it’s posting up for the perfect shot on the big-air kayak course, keeping   up with subjects on the mountain bike course, or dropping a waterproof  camera beneath the surface to grab   an aquatic angle of long-jumping dogs, students will find that film opportunities are bountiful if not demanding.

Creativity runs high in such an environment, and the trickiest part of the school may be paring down hours of footage. With so much intensity, emotion, it’s a formidable task to hack hours worth film.     What a wonderful dilemma to have. Good luck athletes and filmmakers

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