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Salem Man To Run 100 Mile Ultra-Marathon for Asian Animals

A Moon Bear enjoys lunch on a bamboo swing.

Joseph Teh of Salem will participate in the 100 mile ultra-marathon, “Long Haul” January 21-January 22, 2012 in Wesley Chapel, FL to raise funding and awareness for an international non-profit animal welfare organization, Animals Asia (

In parts of Asia endangered moon bears are cruelly farmed for their bile. The sweet and sentient animals are kept in tiny “crush cages” without enough space to turn around, and are kept alive  with  catheters (or sometimes just an open hole) painfully implanted in their abdomens. The bears are subjected to this excruciating existence for as long as 30 years.

Through its End Bear Farming program, Animals Asia works with government and farmers to end this practice, and bring rescued bears to Moon Bear rescue centers in China and Vietnam where they can spend the rest of their lives in safety.

Born in Penang, Malaysia, Joseph Teh chose Animals Asia as the organization he wants to support with his ultra-marathon run, “…because [Animals Asia] is working against some of the most cruel practices that I’ve ever seen in my life…. It is also creating an awareness of compassion towards all animals among the Asian public.”

He says that knowing his effort is going to help the animals helps him to complete the challenging task, “The pain I endure is nothing compared to what the bears go through. Seeing free and happy rescued bears is priceless compared to any race prizes.”

Joseph Teh grew up in Malaysia before coming to the US in 1997 to study computer engineering. He currently resides in Salem with his wife and 4 rescued cats. .

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