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Advancement Foundation / Rowe Furniture Partner In Job Training

Candidates learn new skills on their first day of training.

The Advancement Foundation has announced successful results from a partnership it formed with Rowe Furniture in creating a job training program. From the initial training class all those who participated completed the course and are now in line to receive positions as soon as there are openings. Two of the most outstanding trainees accepted job offers directly out of their completion of the course.

The two participants who were the first to be given positions of employment working with Rowe Furniture are also part of the Advancement Foundation’s LEAP (Lift, Educate, Advocate, Proclaim) program. The goal of the LEAP program is to assist economically disadvantaged men and women in the Roanoke Valley by helping them achieve personal and professional satisfaction and success in their lives. Through the partnership, The Advancement Foundation has been able to encourage those involved with LEAP to join the training and gain skills they can use to secure stable jobs.

“It has been an amazing experience,” Said Kristen Fleming, LEAP participant offered employment after completing Rowe Furniture job training.”I have had the opportunity to up my life skills and gain experience. This has given me the opportunity to get a good job to support my daughter. I am very thankful.”

By partnering with The Advancement Foundation Rowe Furniture hopes to invest in a skilled workforce that will appreciate the opportunity given because it was earned through hard work and dedication by those who have limited resources. For participants who successfully complete the training courses with positive results, Rowe Furniture will offer the individuals employment which includes good pay and generous benefits. The planned outcome of this partnership is the benefit of helping to provide opportunities and hope to those in need of employment opportunities, a more skilled workforce, increased community morale, and a stronger local economy.

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