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Wild Bill’s Weekly Sports Roundup

This will be the final Wild Bill column before Christmas Day, so I want to wish all my readers a happy and prosperous holiday season and new year!

We’ll check in first with the Wild Bill ‘Big-11’ Top-5 high school basketball poll heading into the annual holiday tournament action.

#1- Patrick Henry – The Patriots stay firmly in the top spot after 3 wins in four days last week that left PH 6-0 on the season. Could be tough roads ahead as three Western Valley teams entered this week undefeated.

#2- William Fleming – The Colonels improved to 6-2 with a big win over Christiansburg. This Thursday night’s game at Cave Spring is set to showcase speed verses speed.

#3- Cave Spring – The Knights had a mixed week with a convincing win over Northside before losing to Lord Botetourt Tuesday night at home. Floor leader and leading scorer Terrell Simmons was forced to the bench with an ankle injury, so the Knight lapse could be short-lived.

#4-Northside – The hiccup against the Knights dropped the Vikings two spots. When football legs get in order, expect Northside to climb the Top-5 ladder.

#5-Lord Botetourt – The Cavaliers take the fifth spot after knocking off Cave Spring. Botetourt improved to 6-2 after the 30-point night by Justin Goode.

There’s nothing better this time of year than Christmas carols. I was all on board when FM 93.5 starting playing them in mid-November. It gets me in the holiday spirit and it promotes the true meaning of Christmas with the ever-popular songs that evoke memories of holidays past.

The songs also offer an opportunity to take a closer look at their origins, with little known facts and trivia associated with the seasonal tunes we’ve become accustomed to. Wild Bill’s caroling curiosities take center stage in this slow sports week.

It is well documented that in over 1,000 Christmas recordings, Dean Martin held sheet music with words in less than 4% of his performances, while holding a scotch and soda in over 93%.

The ‘Little Drummer Boy’ never played in the percussion section. He actually was more proficient on the accordion.

Despite long-running rumors to the contrary, there is no documented proof that Burl Ives ever sang ‘Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas’ with anybody named Currier.

‘I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas’ is rarely sung among proponents of global warming.

‘Feliz Navidad’ by Jose Feliciano, means absolutely nothing close to ‘I Want to Wish You a Merry Christmas’, in English.

‘Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer’ was originally concocted as a Montgomery-Ward coloring book gimmick, and recorded by Gene Autry in 1949.

‘Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire’ was originally recorded in the month of July by Mel Torme, who was looking for a song to make himself feel cooler during hot weather.

“The Twelve Days of Christmas’ was clearly penned before stores began decorating in October and anything was returned on December 26th.

The Bloody Mary has now become the official beverage of caroling because of its red hue along with green accents from limes and celery. Egg nog never made much sense, even to members of the Aves family.

Once again readers, you always learn something when you peruse this column.

We close this edition with a musical revue of Sunday night’s annual Christmas extravaganza at the Roanoker Resturant. Five stars go out to the Oyler singers and the JewelTones who performed in front of a standing-room-only crowd.

The two-hour event included elaborate food and drink from the restaurant management and staff as well as a special appearance by ‘Assisted Living Elvis’ (aka David Craft), who belted out a medley of songs by the King, making for quite the enjoyable evening along Colonial Avenue.

Until next week, just one thing: Who did that Currier guy actually sing with?

And, send your glasses of Christmas cheer to: [email protected]

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