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Ms. Wheelchair VA Visits Local Company That Has Improved Her Quality of Life 

Emily McGrail and Vinton PFG Plant Manager Mike Maust inspect some of the plant’s unique fabric.

On Tuesday, February 20, local manufacturer Precision Fabrics Group (PFG) welcomed 2011 Ms. Wheelchair VA titleholder Emily McGrail to show her the work and detail that goes into making one of its products that has improved her quality of life.

A Virginia native, McGrail was born with an unknown condition that left the left side of her body weaker and smaller than the rest of her body. When she was 13, doctors discovered and operated on a potentially fatal tumor on her cervical spine.

Because of the tumor’s location, she also needed to undergo high doses of radiation therapy that proved to be very damaging to her spinal cord and severely limited her mobility.

As a result, McGrail suffers from poor circulation and skin issues that made using everyday products like cotton bedding troublesome. Her discovery and use of PFG’s DermaTherapy bedding, the first only patented FDA-cleared bed linens that is clinically proven to prevent and treat skin conditions such as pressure ulcers, has revolutionized the way she is able to sleep.

McGrail took a tour of the company’s Vinton-based plant to learn about the creation process of DermaTherapy bedding, as well as many of the other medically engineered products PFG manufactures.

After the tour, PFG hosted a reception in her honor so that those in attendance could learn more about McGrail and the work she does within the local community as the state coordinator for Ms. Wheelchair VA, a program designed to focus less on outward beauty and more on individuals who demonstrate true advocacy for the disability community.

To learn more about Precision Fabrics Group, visit

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