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Lucky Garvin

Mrs. Bronik.

Say the name softly; let it conjure imagery in your mind. Surely a serial killer, born with venom on her lips.

Her pupils?


Mrs. Bronik.

Not a woman from whom to expect a shred of mercy. At the very least, an adult driven into a frenzy by the mere sight of innocent young children at play.

I walked onto the playground of Public School #4. I was six. I met Bucky Bowles, age eight, also that day. I perceived Bucky then as a comrade of limitless intelligence and a wide knowing of exotic things. Today I would characterize him as imaginative in the extreme. [Perspectives do change, don’t they?]

“Just pray you don’t get Mrs. Bronik, man,” he said slowly for emphasis. “I heard she has killed a coupla kids for whisperin’ in class . . .”

Did I smell of compost in those days? Did I dress like the son of an immigrant? Why did he think I would believe such a tale?

Well…. I did.

My mouth must have dropped open [all geniuses are quite gullible] `That’s why they need a homeroom teacher,’ I remember thinking. `The one person in the history of grade school education who has, despite multiple acquittals for murdering children [the bodies never being found], somehow wrangled a teaching certificate from a slapdash Board of Education [not unlike hiring a fox to patrol the chickens]. With my luck, I’ll not only get her for a teacher; I’ll be the only kid to show up for class today…’

Like a rat gnaws at crib corn, there began within me a full-scale, no holds barred fretting.

Oh misery me!

“There she is now!” he said, pointing to a window on the third story. “She dangled a kid by his hair out of that window last year. She’ll probably kill you before Thanksgiving break,” he predicted confidently.

I spent the few minutes remaining before death and school regretting my life-long chastity. I had always been a model, a well-behaved youngster, at least in my own reckoning. (Just take my word for that; don’t check with Mom.) But now I began to see in my good behavior many derelictions.

Soon to die, I regretted not having cut-up more; failing miserably to live life to the fullest. Forgive me if you are able, but in that moment, at that age, I preferred the minor enthusiasms of childhood to the glories of eternity.

Even back then, I never wanted to live forever, but I did have this urge to at least undergo puberty, having heard so much about it and all. So I truly did not care to be educated or mutilated by Mrs. Bronik. As it turns out, I was assigned another teacher and lived well into June [and a few years after that.]

Mrs. Bronik? She remained free on bail based on her solemn pledge not to kill any little kids for a while. Or so Bucky informed me.

Of course, using retrograde thinking, Bucky told me so many `stretchers’ I never worried that he would be sorely hampered by telling just one more.

And one of my little patients I was examining today thought he had it rough. In my day, we walked barefoot through the snow to get to teachers like Mrs. Bronik!

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