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Floyd Tourism Development Council Unveils New “Floyd, Virginia” Logo

Floyd, Virginia’s new logo.

The Floyd County Tourism Development Council (FCTDC) and the Floyd County Office of Economic Development have joined forces to create a first-ever official logo for Floyd Virginia tourism and economic development.

A community celebration and unveiling event was held on Tuesday, April 3rd that gave details about how the new logo will be used by a variety of stakeholders to promote the community.

“‘Floyd, Virginia’ already represents great experiences and diverse opportunities for residents and visitors alike,” said Floyd County’s Community and Economic Development Director Lydeana Martin. “We wanted to capitalize on that wonderful reputation by creating a common visual identity that will help us to continue welcoming visitors, and also introduce strong businesses and new employers to the value, and unique culture, that makes our community so special.”

“We need a consistent, high-quality, visual identity to represent Floyd, Virginia –  and all we have to offer – in ads, brochures, and all official tourism and economic development outreach and correspondence,” said Floyd County Tourism Director Pat Sharkey. “Virginia Tourism Corporation has awarded us grant funds to help promote biking, outdoor recreation and the new Crush Friday campaign, so this is the perfect time to introduce the new logo.”

The collaborative development process for the new logo took approximately six months and was led by Eddy Communications Corporation of Roanoke. The creative development process involved many community stakeholders recruited from engaged citizens active in Floyd’s business, government, tourism, and not-for-profit sectors county-wide.

“It was a big challenge. We had a wide variety of interests and ideas we wanted to incorporate. And there are already so many diverse and iconic logos that our target market associates with Floyd. This final visual standard has come about through a very deliberate and collaborative effort that involved many volunteers and staff from both the economic development and tourism office and authorities, the Town of Floyd, and the Floyd Chamber of Commerce,” Jon Beegle, Chairman of the Economic Development Authority of Floyd County said. “I’m excited about where we have landed. I’m looking forward to finally sharing it with all of the citizens of Floyd County.”

Funding for the work was provided by the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development’ Building Entrepreneurial Economies program, the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services’Agricultural and Forestry Industry Development program, Floyd County, and the Virginia Tourism Corporation.

“It was a daunting, and at times elusive, task to try to capture and portray all of Floyd in one logo. I have been gratified by the cooperative and collaborative nature of all the people involved in this effort. The whole process has been a true reflection of all that is great about our community,” said Linda Devito Kuchenbuch, member of the Floyd County Board of Supervisors. “We hope everyone will come out and celebrate this milestone accomplishment with us.”

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