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Congressmen Goodlatte and Griffith Receive Spirit of Enterprise Award

The Roanoke Regional Chamber, Salem-Roanoke County Chamber of Commerce, and U.S. Chamber of Commerce presented Congressman Bob Goodlatte and Congressman Morgan Griffith with the Spirit of Enterprise Award for their support for pro-growth policies in the first session of the 115th Congress.

“The Spirit of Enterprise Award represents the value and importance of keeping the essence of business and all that they do in the forefront. Businesses, great and small, are engines in our economy,” said Joyce Waugh, president and CEO of the Roanoke Regional Chamber. “They inspire, innovate, create jobs, generate revenue, and give to arts and culture and health and human services entities in their communities. The Spirit of Enterprise Award affirms what Congressmen Goodlatte and Griffith believe and know to be true about business in Virginia’s Blue Ridge.”

The U.S. Chamber’s prestigious Spirit of Enterprise Award is given annually to members of Congress based on their votes on critical business legislation as outlined in the Chamber’s How They Voted scorecard. Members who supported the Chamber’s position on at least 70 percent of those votes qualify to receive the award.

“The Salem-Roanoke County Chamber of Commerce is honored to be able to present the Spirit of Enterprise Award to Congressmen Goodlatte and Griffith,” said Jill Sluss, executive director of the Salem-Roanoke County Chamber. “We are grateful to Congressmen Goodlatte and Griffith for supporting the pro-growth policies that provide assistance to our local businesses that create such a positive impact on our local economy.”

The U.S. Chamber recognized 249 members of the U.S. House of Representatives and 48 members of the U.S. Senate in March with the Spirit of Enterprise Award. This is the 30th year that the U.S. Chamber has formally honored the accomplishments of this select group of members of Congress.

“It’s a good time to be doing business in America, thanks to a slate of legislative accomplishments that laid the groundwork for more job creation and economic growth,” said Thomas J. Donohue, president and CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. “The efforts of these elected leaders to advance commonsense, growth-oriented legislation will help Main Street American businesses thrive. We commend these members of Congress for their commitment to promoting and protecting American free enterprise and economic prosperity.”

During the first session of the 115th Congress, the U.S. Chamber scored members on seven Senate votes, including those on tax reform legislation and the confirmation of Supreme Court Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch; and 14 House votes, including votes on tax reform legislation, access to Medicare, and lawsuit abuse. Various votes in support of small businesses were also scored.

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