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State Summit Focuses on Power of Community Collaboration to Impact Substance Abuse

The 2018 Community Coalitions of Virginia’s (CCoVA) Summit will bring experts from the federal, state and local levels to address the issues of Marijuana and Opioid addiction.  The day long summit will be provided on 4 tracks: Prevention, Recovery/Treatment, Vaping/Marijuana, and Opioids. Invited experts, medical and law enforcement professionals, families and their loved ones in recovery will address these issues.

Monte SItes

Monte Stiles from Idaho, a retired Federal prosecutor, has followed, researched, and seen first-hand the harmful impact of marijuana throughout our country as it has become legalized, first for medical use, progressing to recreational us, to finally full legalization of this illegal substance.  He will address the lasting impact marijuana is having in communities.

Journalist, author and Roanoke native, Beth Macy will be the lunchtime guest speaker. She will share her NY Times-best selling book, DOPESICK, an indepth look at the over twenty year struggle our nation has faced with opioid addiction. (

Monty Burke, will speak of faith base initiatives and support programs he’s developed in Tennessee to overcome the opioid and addiction crisis facing us all.

Professionals, Doctors and Nurses, Police, EMS and Firefighters will speak of the impact seen in our hospitals, emergency rooms, and our jails and how they are coping.

Family members and young people in recovery share their personal stories of the devastating impact substance abuse has had and how community organizations, like Urgent Love, the Hope Initiative, UP Foundation, and college campus recovery programs are bringing awareness and support to the addiction crisis.

Click here for a detailed schedule of events for CCoVA’s October 29 State Summit.

Sponsored by: Virginia DBHS, VDH, VFHY, ADAPT PHARMA, Farley Center, Anthem Health Keepers Plus, EVERFI, Intercept, Mount Regis Center, National Counseling Group, SAARA of Virginia.


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