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Dick Baynton

Politicians, government officials and many others have noted that our nation is divided; some believe by race, some think it’s politics while others believe it might be religion. The divisions among us may be any or all of the above and of course it could be ideological in nature meaning that there are a host of concepts, theories and practices that are foreign to one group and cherished by the other group.

One important precept that is very divisive is abortion that is shrouded by the expression of ‘women’s health.’ In another battle cry it is called the ‘war on women.’ Common sense and logic bear out the truth that pregnancy is voluntary by the participants. Nature established that men and women are capable of propagating newborns together in their likeness. The rule is simply that one male and one female can create new life.

There are many ways to prevent gestation. The simplest method is abstinence/celibacy; another method advanced by some faiths is application of ‘the rhythm method.’ There are several ways an egg and a sperm can be kept apart by the use of physical barriers (condoms), as well as by medicinal and chemical means. A major exception to the rule of voluntary insemination is by force, called rape, a serious abominable crime.

There are many notable things that Trump does that are highly objectionable such as his endless tweets, his use of vulgar and obscene language and his open criticisms of opponents and others. It is reasonably certain that Trump’s past included some pretty tawdry associations.

On the other hand, think about the litany of great things that have been accomplished over the past two years. One might do well to consider by comparison the dairy farmer who became enraged that his cows created so much stinky manure. But if he’s wise he probably wouldn’t drive the cows away or slaughter them when reminded of the ‘milk check’ that arrives from the Dairy Co-op every month.

Regarding immigration, liberals have been inculcated with the concept of ‘globalization’ while Trump preaches the gospel of ‘nationalism.’ To some leaders globalization implies full citizenship of anyone anywhere they want to be. Nationalism features sovereignty and respect for borders that have been established by treaties and other relationships between neighboring countries and world leaders.

Countries that believe in personal freedoms, privileges and rights also believe in government as representatives of the majority of people. In the United States, our forebears believed in Biblical principles as well as The Constitution, The Declaration of Independence and The Emancipation Proclamation.

The conservative position is why should we provide full citizenship benefits to foreigners who cross our borders illegally? Our boundaries are sacred to free people and have been defended by our brave warriors who have been wounded and killed over the 243 years of our existence.

Why should those who have worked hard for many years to develop prosperous companies and have saved for personal and family retirement share their benefits with newcomers? Isn’t it fair for naturalized citizens to be expected to pull their share of effort and transform their toil into earnings and savings?

Yes, the United States has become two nations; with one segment that believes bloated government should provide jobs and earnings equal for all citizens whether or not they are on our ground legally and even if participants in the benefits prefer not to work.

Many Democrats favor the ‘Green New Deal’, Medicare for all (single payer), free college at community colleges and public universities, $1,000 for each child at birth + $2,000 annually, Paris Accords Agreement (Climate), Carbon Tax and elimination of college debt ($1.6 trillion). In addition liberals are considering additions to the Supreme Court, elimination of ICE and the Electoral College and moderating support of Israel.

We are being told to not worry about the cost of these entitlement programs; yet the cost of these giveaway programs reaches into the trillions of dollars. We currently bear the burden of $22 trillion national debt.

If the above listed items become a winning Democratic platform, our great nation will incur an unsustainable debt with billions in added interest costs, our culture will descend from self-reliance to government dependence and our world leadership will be compromised.

This liberal agenda leads to greater problems, not solutions; socialism not realism.

Dick Baynton

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