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Botetourt County Board of Supervisors’ Updates Strategic Vision

The Botetourt County Board of Supervisors has unanimously adopted an updated vision  statement for the County: “Botetourt 2045 Vision: Honoring Our History, Enjoying the Present and Shaping the Future.”

The statement is an expanded reaffirmation of the Board’s previous vision adopted in 2014. With much of the work of the previous vision already completed or underway and the addition of three new or returning Board members in the past year, the Board decided that the time was right to review and update their vision of the County in 2045.

“So much growth and change has happened in the past few years. I am amazed at what we have accomplished,” said Billy Martin, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors. “With unparalleled economic growth and expansion, new voices on the Board, and senior staff working as team, the time was right for the Board to set its sights on the future.”

When the Board came together at the beginning of March for its visioning retreat, only Martin and Vice Chairman  Donald “Mac” Scothorn were on the Board during the last strategic planning sessions in 2014. Steve Clinton is in his first term returning to the Board after a four-year break from his previous tenure of more than a decade. Ray Sloan and Richard Bailey are both in their first terms, the latter assuming his seat after the passing of Jack Leffel late last year.

“We are continuing the legacy of the work done by our previous Board members and are fortunate to have this    current group of leaders on the Board,” said Vice Chairman Scothorn. “We may not always agree on every situation, but I am proud of the vision that we have been able to put together. Our diverse backgrounds and experiences have created a distinct and vibrant vision for our citizens.”

Now that the Board’s vision statement has been officially adopted, staff will begin to develop work plans for Board review and approval. A number of the projects are already in development while others will be new or  renewed initiatives of the County.

For more information about the Board’s strategic planning process and the 2045 Vision, please visit: .

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