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New Book Benefiting Local Equine Therapy Agency Recounts True Stories of Remarkable Healing

Author Michelle Holling-Brooks credits a horse for her recovery after she woke from a coma paralyzed and unable to speak. 

Can working with horses really help our minds and body heal after trauma and/or illness?  The new book, “The Horse Cure”, answers that question.  In the book, author Michelle Holling-Brooks, shares how the “horse cure” has helped her own recovery from illness along with stories of different transformations she has experience over the last twenty years during different equine partnered therapy sessions.

Michelle Holling-Brooks, stated, “I wrote the book, The Horse Cure, because I know firsthand the healing that can happen when you work with horses and I wanted to share the power of this amazing form of therapy with others.  Life can change in an instant and you can lose trust in yourself, others, and the world around you when it does. It can be hard to accept help from humans to support you through the healing process.  However, sometimes it is easier to accept the support you need from an animal.  Horses did just that for me. They helped me “cure” myself on many different levels.”

Rebecca Bailey, PhD, Director of Transitioning Families, Advisor of JAYC Foundation, and author of Safe Kids, Smart Parents, shared after reading the book, “Finally, a book that captures the quiet and not so subtle power of the horse to human connection. This is a must read for anyone who loves horses and wants to understand the growing field of equine assisted psychotherapy. Masterfully written, a refreshing perspective…”

The Horse Cure provides the reader with an inside glimpse into what partnering with horses through equine assisted therapies can feel like and how it really works.  Holling-Brooks said, “My hope for this book is that it unlocks hope for the reader that they too can restore and cure themselves just like the people in the stories where able to do through their relationships with some remarkable horses.”


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