STUART REVERCOMB: Count Your Chickens

Stuart Revercomb

I am 58 years old and still counting – for which I am very thankful. In 1900 average life expectancy was 47 years of age – meaning I have already enjoyed over a decade of relative bonus time.

Unfortunately, most people between 48 and 68 have a rather skewed view of their own mortality. To put it more directly we’re “living” in la-la land owing to the fact that while human life expectancy has grown to 79.83 years, our ability to enjoy it in good health diminishes no less exponentially for most of us.

But not all.

I submit my 85 year old mother who does more most days than I can do in three and who is a relative globetrotter when it comes to travel. But “Nanna” is the great exception – most of her friends look at her from their sofas / wheelchairs and marvel.

I hope I received at least a few of those genes.

Either way we all have to play the one’s we’re dealt.

Which brings me back to the main point. By the time we reach our late 60’s, much less our mid 70’s (if we reach that at all), most of us are not going to have the mental / physical stamina to do in our retirement much of what we now “dream of.”

So go on – start counting and enjoying those chickens.

They’ll likely fly the coop much sooner than you think.

Stuart Revercomb