The Super Bowl Halftime Blues

I’ve got the Super Bowl Halftime Blues and apparently, I am not alone. Negative reaction this time around seems to have grown exponentially – just as the level of the pop cultural crotch pumping, boob dangling, self-glorifying sex show has no less amped it up along with the increase of each Roman numeral.

This year’s number (54) comes out as the word “LIV” – which makes one wonder whether we are doing it in any manner even remotely redeemable / instructive to children who are being shaped / affirmed by our . . . “traditions.”

Perhaps a friend put it best in a Facebook post:

“Hmmm, when do our little girls get to twerk their butts in front of the boys at school? Or stand on a desk for a better crotch shot? Hard to fight the beauty and the powerhouses of Shakira and J-Lo. (And “Bad Bunny?”) Using children to make political statements while mixing up all the sex with it – writhing human bodies, suggestive hip thrusts, the outfits? Really??”

But the truth of course is that we’ve all stood by and allowed the entertainment industry morass to proceed almost entirely unabated. We allow our children – and everyone else’s we’ve ever pledged to protect – to learn and be shaped by this moral-less rabble. And that too is sickening.

“But WHAT can we do about it?”

Send the letter.

Boycott the product.

Speak up among your peers.

For God’s sake – and our country’s – fight back.

Stuart Revercomb