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Sense of Humor Helps Those Giving / Receiving Hospice Care During COVID-19

In the midst of concerns and uncertainties, there are always those who carry light and it is most visible in places of service and kindness.

Tamara Ivanoff started receiving care from Good Samaritan Hospice just as the COVID-19 crisis took shape in our area.  Needless to say, her experience was a bit different; yet her hospice team was eager to serve.   Entering someone’s home in full PPE gear is not the norm and learning to provide care in it is a bit unnatural, especially at first.

Still, Ms. Ivanoff welcomed her “suited-up” team with pure kindness, wrapped in a bit of humor.  She laughed as they entered her home and said “I’m going to borrow your costumes for Halloween this year!”  She suggested they take a photo (attached) so she could both remember this scene AND have it as a guide for making her own costume.

“I believe before COVID, we all took for granted the joy of presence and human interaction,” explained Brooke Priest, a Good Sam care manager.  “The time in her living room that day brought joy to all of us.  As we felt a little out of sorts in our ‘costumes,’ she brought light, happiness and created a treasured memory.”

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