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SCOTT DREYER: Election Truth or Consequences . . . or Both

Do not be deceived, my beloved brothers and sisters.  — James 1:16 (NASB)

Did you see it?

Nov. 19 at noon Mayor Rudy Guiliani and other members of President Trump’s legal team held a press conference, what they called their “opening statement,” to roll out more details of their accusations of massive voter fraud in our recent elections.

I found it riveting, outrageous, and terrifying, all at once.

Please note: I am not saying I believed it all, nor am I writing this to persuade you to believe it all. Don’t take my word for it, don’t take Trump’s lawyers’ word for it, but please don’t take the media’s/big tech’s word for it either. As a social studies teacher since 1987, I try to encourage my students to look at many sides of an issue, consider all the evidence at hand, and make their own conclusions. I believe this is what we need to do as a nation now.

This is what I observed Nov. 19.

We were live streaming the news conference from a political website called “The Hill.” Some 30 minutes in, the video went silent. “Is my phone battery already dead?” I thought. But when I checked the screen, it was black and had only the words “This video is unavailable.”

Honestly, maybe it was a technical or feed “glitch,” but I found it fishy that, as the testimony became more devastating, the video feed suddenly dropped. To seek an answer, I called the Hill’s phone number and asked for a call back to explain. As of publication time, they have not responded.

I then googled “Giuliani news conference live.” After a few moments we found another video, but it took a few moments. That seemed fishy too: Google controls algorithms that control how easy or hard it is to find information; they of course own Youtube also.

In keeping with my “don’t take my word for it” approach, I encourage you to watch the news conference yourself; it’s the top link below.

The accusations the lawyers laid out were staggering and mind-numbing, if true. In a nutshell, here are a few:

  • Voting machines from the Dominion company were used in about 30 US states for the election. Dominion uploaded votes to the internet and at least some were counted overseas.

  • Dominion has ties to the communist nation of Venezuela.

  • Dominion has software algorithms that can add, delete, or switch votes. This algorithm is so sophisticated, it can tabulate actual votes in real time coming in so Dominion can generate enough fake votes to still provide the outcome they want (or were paid to produce.)

  • Software was designed to grant different weights to different ballots, so Trump votes counted as 0.75 while Biden votes counted at 1.25.

  • Large numbers of votes were added at once in Wisconsin and Michigan, where 100,000 or more votes were suddenly uploaded to tallies around 3-4 am on Nov. 4, the morning after the election.

  • Paper ballots rolled into voting centers in numerous trash cans, boxes, etc., also in the dead of night of early Nov. 4. Those tens of thousands of ballots were not only 100% for Biden, a statistical impossibility,  but they had NO “down-ballot” votes for senator, governor, etc.

  • Ballots for Biden were hand-fed into voter machines multiple times.

  • Mail-in ballots were an invitation to fraud. Once someone opens the envelope, there is no way to identify each ballot or its legitimacy. Thus, no matter how many times there is a recount in, say, Georgia, the result is the same, because there is now no way to identify if some ballots were fraudulent. This is not just about the Democrats and Biden, but some politicians of BOTH parties have discovered it’s a lot easier and cheaper to just pay Dominion or some other bad actors to buy an election, instead of going through all the expense and effort of buying TV ads, hosting events, actually persuading voters, etc.

  • Guiliani claimed that former President Jimmy Carter, long famous for observing elections overseas, would not call such an election open and honest.

  • Just days before the election, Biden claimed: “We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

  • One reporter at the end asked, “Where is the FBI?” Guiliani and his team responded, they had no idea; so far, the FBI has done nothing to investigate any of these outrageous claims and accusations.

If these allegations are true, as a history major and history teacher, I believe they represent an attack on our country and our liberties on par with Pearl Harbor and 9-11, or maybe even worse. Those two earlier attacks, of course horrific, basically left intact America’s democratic structure. However, these charges, if true, represent an attack on our system of free elections where we actually choose our leaders and our future direction. If we lose that, we lose our republic and all our liberties.

I hope you, dear reader, are fair-minded. So, let’s say you take each of these allegations and do a Google search of each. I think you will find, the top results will all debunk these accusations, and make the claims appear as ridiculous, dangerous, and an attack on our democracy. OK, maybe so. To that, I ask a few questions:

  1. How do you know those sources are telling the truth? For example, just today I checked on facebook; Donald Trump’s profile identifies him as “Political Candidate.” Love him or loathe him, according to the Constitution, Trump is president at least until noon on Jan. 20, 2021, so to claim otherwise is a flat-out lie (or, maybe the people working at FB are just ignorant of basic facts–either way, unflattering.) Add to that FB’s gall: for how long have they slapped their “fact check” and “misleading” and “election results” warnings on countless posts, as if all us Americans are too infantile to think for ourselves, yet openly post that dishonesty. If FB tries to deny that Trump is president, what else is the media denying?

  2. Rudy Guiliani, former mayor of New York City on 9-11, and Sydney Powell are high-powered, high-paid lawyers. Powell, amazingly, successfully defended Gen. Michael Flynn against the US Justice Department in a scandal that is another matter altogether. These people are not lightweights. If they knew these allegations are false, and there is no compelling evidence, why would they seek “professional and economic suicide” by ruining their reputations by pursuing a false case? If they pursue a case they know is fake, they will be laughingstocks the rest of their lives and their careers will be ruined. Why would anyone attempt that?

I try to be mindful when writing anything, and realizing these claims are explosive, I think carefully before writing this. If there truly was massive voter fraud, let trained attorneys and judges hear it all out and weigh all the evidence in a court of law, which is designed for such matters. On the other hand, if Trump’s claims are the actual fraud, then still examine it all, and let THAT fraud be exposed for all to see.

The legal process takes time. As Americans, we know many cases drag on for months or years. We are only two-plus weeks after the election. The Bush v. Gore Florida recount in 2000 took 37 days to resolve. That involved one state. This year, we face questions involving some half-dozen states, if not more.

The stakes are high. Generations before us died for the right to vote. If we lose it, who knows how or if we will ever get it back. Future generations will not forgive us. We owe it to ourselves, and to future generations, to ferret out all the evidence out, investigate fully, and go where that leads.

Scott Dreyer in his classroom.

– Scott Dreyer


Nov. 19 press conference

Biden’s boast about voter fraud

Bush v. Gore 2000

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