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E-Learning: Types of Prep Courses to Help Students in Different Year Levels

The pandemic last year caused a major hurdle in pursuing education. Most could not hold traditional classroom lessons and would instead resort to the more viable option – e-learning. And as the new year starts, this setup might continue for college hopefuls. However, this should not daunt you from continuing your studies. After all, higher education is a ticket to professional success. 

The leap from high school to the collegiate level of education may be harsher than any transition you’ve experienced before. And prep courses are made to help you prepare for the rigors of college work. Apart from your conditioning, prep courses also help you secure your college admission by boosting your aptitude test score. The latter is your best bet to attend your dream school. My GRE Exam Preparation provides all the know-how on prep courses and exam study guides. 

However, every student comes from different grade levels with varying academic loads and daily routines, especially in the current setup. Hence, several types of prep courses are available that can help students from different year levels.

Crash Course vs. Comprehensive Review

Some seniors possibly have a lot on their plate at the moment and would only consider prep courses at the last minute. And there are programs suited in that regard, offering a month worth of resources. But if you started early or got time on your hands, there are comprehensive prep courses that take six months of reviewing. 

In some instances, students may feel confident with some subjects and only seek help with one particular area. There are courses packaged for specific subject areas, such as math, integrated reasoning, and verbal skills improvement. Check out different prep courses here that might offer just what you need. 

Live Online Class

Now that in-person classes are admittedly risky, a live online class would be an efficient alternative. It is for students who prefer to experience lessons live led by an instructor. It would usually have a set time per week, making it ideal for those who prefer a structure or routine to their learning. This type of prep course will oblige you to follow homework and due dates. Hence, your current academic load should allow such fixed schedules.

One-on-one Tutoring

If you find it hard to follow simulcast online classes, private tutoring might be for you. A one-on-one tutorial with an expert could sharpen your focus, adjusting to your own pace. Not only does it guarantee a more specific look at your progress, but it also offers more flexibility with the schedule. While this could be significantly effective, it often comes at a steeper price point than other options. 

Self-Paced Review

Many senior students might be too busy to have a regular schedule running. Hence, self-paced prep courses allow you to have access to study materials anytime, anywhere. They offer the same resources, from instructor-led video lessons to practices tests. There are also prep courses that allow you to customize your study plan according to your preference. The flexibility of this approach makes this almost fit for anyone.

Game-Based Learning

Who said reviewing couldn’t have a bit of fun? If you’re part of the younger demographic or just a fan of a competitive approach, a game-based prep course can be an enjoyable method for you. It usually works like your quiz-type mobile game, where it starts with a series of easy categories. As you get the right answers, the difficulty of questions increases as well.


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