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Building Beloved Communities Hires Director of Gauntlet Business Program

Building Beloved Communities, LLC is a business consulting firm who relocated their headquarters to Roanoke, VA in March 2020. Moving across the country as a pandemic began proved to present many challenges for an entrepreneur looking to get connected.

When the founding CEO of Building Beloved Communities, Bonnie Chavez, learned about The Gauntlet Business Program & Competition from a past alumni, Dr. Nate Gay in late 2020, she knew this would be a great opportunity to get connected with her new community.

“I wanted to connect to the local business community and help entrepreneurs with a smart and innovative philanthropy component in their business plan. Being a participant and mentor was motivating and an absolute joy. I met countless incredible people and feel like I have a strong professional network that supports me personally and in my business.” – Bonnie Chavez, CEO, Building Beloved Communities

Building Beloved Communities completed The Gauntlet Business Program and entered the competition where they received seven of in-kind awards valued at $3,110. As The Gauntlet Program and Competition ended, Building Beloved Communities closed several contracts totaling over $100,000. Chavez knew she had to hire someone and quick.

“As a Gauntlet participant, I worked with and was in contact with Shannon Dominguez. I saw her outcomes, her creativity, and her positive energy overflow,” said Chavez. “She is well connected and works hard and smart, all while enjoying what she does. This is the type of person I wanted on my team. When I had the opportunity to scale my business, I knew she was the motivated professional for the job.”

Chavez offered the position to Dominguez, Director of The Gauntlet program, and was excited when she accepted the offer.

“When Bonnie offered me a position as the Virginia Director of Operations for Building Beloved Communities, I was surprised, to say the least,” said Dominguez. “It is not just what she does that made this position so appealing to me, but WHY and HOW she gets her work done that made this transition so appealing. Bonnie believes in investing in people, and I saw this in how she mentored several entrepreneurs, considered to be her “competition”, while she was in The Gauntlet Program. Building Beloved Communities offers community centered solutions and aspires to donate $50,000 of proceeds to nonprofits by next year. This is work I can’t help but get behind.”

Dominguez’ first contract is with Project Forward, a nonprofit owned by the owners of Fleet Feet. The goal is to raise donations to put a brand-new pair of shoes on the feet of 8,000 students at Roanoke City Schools who are vulnerable and underserved. Dominguez is also contracted to work with Allyson Davoll, CEO of Inspired to Enhance, Gauntlet 2021 fourth place winner. Davoll is relocating her business to The Valley View Mall for a large expansion.

Learn more about Building Beloved Communities here:

Facebook: heps:titiwww.facebook.comtiBuildingBelovedCommunities

LinkedIn: heps:titiwww.linkedin.comticompanytibuilding-beloved-communities

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