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Business in the Digital Age: 4 Visual Strategies That Can Give You an Edge in the Market

While there are many ways for companies to advertise their products or services these days-from billboards and commercials to product placement in movies or TV shows there is one strategy that stands above all others: visual marketing. Visual marketing encompasses any form of advertisement where images take precedence over words. In other words, as opposed to just reading about how great your product is on a billboard ad, consumers can see it first hand right in front of them: they can see your product, and thus they know what it is and how to use it.

Of course, with this kind of marketing comes a plethora of ways to showcase your products or services, but here are narrowed down four strategies that you should consider when taking advantage of visual marketing.

Animation and Motion Design

It can be difficult to make someone care about your products, whether it’s a toothbrush or an automobile. But if you use leading-edge motion design production in your advertisements, you can grab the consumer’s attention right off the bat by showing exactly how what you are selling works-in action. Also, the quality of the animation you use speaks volumes so make sure it’s high-quality and smooth. The consumers will know that it’s something they should invest their time into.

Animation is interesting because it truly brings your product to life. If you want to advertise a car, show the consumer what it looks like and how it moves! On the other hand, motion design is all about movement and sound: in this case, your product might be just sitting there looking pretty but when you add in motion and dynamic sounds – it can truly come alive.


Another way to showcase your products or services is photography. Now, you can’t just take photos of your product haphazardly – you need to know the proper angles and lightings so you can entice potential customers. Moreover, choosing the right background says a lot about how professional your business is, so make sure to choose wisely!

Some great places to shoot pictures are in studios, at public events, or even on promos/ad shoots. With that being said, you can also take pictures outside of these places – and maybe get a bit more creative! Just try to capture your product in the most efficient way-and with great quality photos so people are truly able to see what it is they are purchasing.

Photography can give a great sense of scale as well so be sure to play with your angles and the environment you choose.

Storytelling and Memes

When most people think of visual marketing, they do often think about photographs or videos. However, one form of visual media that is frequently overlooked is storytelling and memes. With the rise of social media and consumer engagement on smartphones, it has never been easier to share photos or create memes with your customers than today.

The great part about storytelling with photos is that it puts your product or service in a whole new light! And as for memes, they are highly shareable and very funny. People love funny memes, so why not use them to advertise your products? Also, both of these types of visual media speak to today’s consumers: people want to trust companies that make them feel good and not bad. So with great storytelling and memes, you can definitely break through the noise and increase your brand’s visibility.


As consumers, we are constantly bombarded with marketing messages at every turn – whether it’s billboards, commercials, or website ads. However, one of the most popular types of visual marketing strategies used nowadays is infographics.

Just like motion design and photography, infographics have become more than just an image that shows your product to lure people in, but it tells the entire story about your product or service. This is because infographics are visual representations of data – usually numbers and statistics that are easy for humans to interpret. Additionally, infographics open the opportunity for more creative layouts and are highly shareable all over social media.

Some great ways to utilize infographics are by showcasing what your product does, how it works, why you should purchase it over other competitors-and any other relevant statistics that are about your business.

As you can see, there are many different ways to showcase your product or service in the digital age. Whether you choose photography, animation, motion design, storytelling, memes, or infographics – make sure that it is high quality and speaks to your target audience. With so much competition out there, it’s essential to use every tool at your disposal to capture potential customers!

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