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SERWAN ZANGANA: No Other Nation Has Mercy Like America Does

Taking the United States for granted has become an ingrained attitude among most infamous Americans. In particular, Hollywood and professional sport have become a breeding ground for the toxic negativity toward America.

The behavior of these groups has crossed the line. No longer are their comments positions of criticism and opposition; instead, they have stooped to spreading hate and division in the land. Unfortunately for some people, such negativity is perceived as bravery and fighting for civil rights, and the complainers are supposedly fighting the “systemic racism” of America. Categorizing America and defining its system as a racist is an illogical and false allegation.

WNBA member Brittney Griner is an example of a conceited young woman who not only protested against law enforcement officers in 2020, but she has also disrespected the National Anthem during her games. She vowed to continue her opposition to the National Anthem which represents our country. It is alarming how some American citizens who were born, raised, and have risen to great success under the American system are devaluing this nation that provided the very path and opportunity for their achievements.

Instead of supporting the land which was the foundation of her career and provided her opportunities to become such an athlete, Griner crossed the line by leaving America and her fans behind to go to play for Russia’s basketball team.

It is unfortunate to observe the growing mentality of anti-Americanism…among Americans. The comfortable life and lavish lifestyle that many of us enjoy have generated ungratefulness and created a selfish generation which believes in no boundaries, no decency, and no honor.

This mentality resulted in Griner’s arrest after she landed in a Russian airport with cannabis oil, regardless of the amount. She assumed she would have the same human rights there as she enjoyed in America.

Not exactly.

“Alas, why did I place other countries ahead of America?” is what the liberals mournfully repeat when they are captured abroad in torment. But while in America, they do not accept opposite opinions, they believe in science only if it serves their agenda, and true democracy to them is only when their side wins an election.

Now, Griner has been sentenced to nine years prison time in Russia, and by her actions she has put the US and our government in a difficult situation as she has petitioned President Biden to help her be released.

Also, the liberals across the nation are crying out and not only petitioning the president to step up his efforts to free Griner, but they are supporting her actions and criticizing Russia for the verdict that has been delivered. Naively expecting that the rest of the world follows the same rules and laws that we have in the U.S, and disregarding the cultures, systems, and laws of different nations across the world will create narrow-mindedness as has sadly been observed in Griner’s situation and among her supporters.

It is understandable to support Griner as an American citizen locked up abroad in prison, an unpleasant place. However, we must also realize that her trip to Russia was not a mission to serve America. The reason for her travel was to play for Russia’s team to earn extra money.

However, the liberals and most of the media’s concern focuses on Griner herself as she is facing the consequences of her decision: the possession of cannabis oil vape. In contrast, former U.S. Marine Paul Whelan has also been accused of espionage and has been held for three years in Russia, but there is no public or social media outcry for his release.

In sum, it is obvious that America becomes people’s “911 call” when they find themselves trapped in arduous time abroad, and no nation has mercy like America does.

– Serwan Zangana


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