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A Response to Intentions to Display VA Monuments in A Defamatory LAXART Exhibition

The acts done by elected government officials in Charlottesville and Richmond, Portsmouth, and Norfolk to permit riot, arson, looting, anarchy, and the desecration and destruction of the symbols of the history and heritage of the Commonwealth, applied in the name of cancel culture, and revisionist history were nothing less than an insurrection to promote black racism and black power.

These government officials violated their charters and encouraged violence, and fear in the population, and permitted mayhem instead of protecting the wealth and welfare of their citizens.  Their actions, inaction, and words shamed, defiled, and forever tarnished the honor and name of all Virginians and their cities. Moreover, they unforgivably spat on the graves of our fallen forefathers and patriots and spewed mendacious propaganda to the world to malign the honor, and lives these men gave for the defense of the Commonwealth and what was their former Confederate nation.

Now, some of these same political scoundrels, frothing at the mouth with power, who encouraged and abetted felonies, and thereby engaged in such criminality themselves by conspiracy and gross negligence have further defamed Virginia by selling our state’s historic monuments. They have transferred these burnished symbols of Virginia pride and honor to black racist hate groups, when indeed these monuments are in fact evidence of the felonious criminality, of which they were a part.  Those that now hold these monuments, this criminal evidence, mean to abscond and move them out of state.  This would compromise justice that demands recourse and legal accountability.

The Attorney General should seize all these monuments as evidence and charge all those involved with high crimes.  The Governor and the Legislature should take all these monuments by eminent domain, in the name of the people for the public “use” and “need”, along with the land where they were erected.  Those government officials who encouraged and promoted this disgrace and desecration should be charged along with those that participated in the defilement and destruction and tried for high crimes, misdemeanors, and above all for sedition against the State. Where properties were sold that were clearly stolen by official actions, the holders of these works of art should be charged for receiving and being in possession of stolen property.

These monuments should not leave Virginia to be sent anywhere to be exhibited like a tattooed lady or two-headed chicken in a sideshow act to promote black racist agendas of defamation against the Commonwealth.  If our high officials in the State do not have the character or the courage to take the action necessary to stop further defamation against the people and the patrimony of the Commonwealth and instead permit further disgrace, and do not see that our monuments are repaired and restored to their rightful places of honor, they should be removed from office.

There has never been such defamation and character assassination shoveled upon any people in America as that led by former Virginian Governor Ralph Northam and his NAACP and BLM puppeteers.  The black racist slander and libel, revisionist history, cancel culture, political correctness, and use of thugs to riot and cause insurrection led by the Democratic Party and the NAACP must be shoveled into a hole and buried deep. But no matter how deep the hole, its disgraceful stink will last forever.

Governments are instituted to provide law and order, encourage high moral leadership, provide for tranquility and economic and cultural progress, and not to foment dissent or destroy civilization by division of its own making.  When government conspires to nefarious acts to undermine its granted purpose, for political ends, it violates the trust of the sovereign people that put them in power, and the charters and oversight powers that were given them to rule.

Virginia has been slandered and one has to wonder whether Virginians are willing to take further insult and belittling shame?  Is the present government, which the people elected to rectify our anguish and gross offense, willing to show character and courage and act with determination?  That is the question we must all ask and our State leadership must answer with serious deliberation.  Action is called for!

Cliff Page


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